How Understanding your Beloved Pet May Help You to be a Better Parent or Boss

I think this message is very timely with governments having completed the canine genome and are now relating domestic pups to humans in a more significant way, even with regard to treating CANCER!  Now please keep in mind, the videos that I am proposing here by Doggy Dan DO NOT claim to train people, just dogs, however a lot of what he says can be applied to people.

Having said that, and understanding that our basic physical nature is animal, there were some things that struck me about what Doggy Dan says, which I think can be applied to my household.

If you click on any of the interactive links below, the products are meant only to help you train dogs….period!  I just happened to get more from what he says and thought you might also.
The Pack Leader

You already know that you really need to be the pack leader in your home or workplace in order to be successful so how do you do this?  Do you need to yell, beat your chest, stand on tables and proclaim that you are top dog?  No you don’t.  Studying facts about dogs can help with this.

In the wild, dogs view every member of the pack as part of the family and how each dog is dealt with by the pack leader, will depend on the nature of the dog.  As with any animal, each human being displays different traits and characteristics.  Therefore, doing well with one employee or child and having a hard time with another is no reflection on YOU as a person or leader. People and animals have to be dealt with differently.
Difficult, smart, driven people and animals have certain ways of receiving messages from you and it is not just from your vocal cords.  Bribing, warring/fighting with, etc. will not only cause you major frustration, but could end in very negative events as peoples’/animals’ instinctual, defensive responses kick in.  Learn from Doggie Dan about how successful animal pack leaders behave: