Poetry: “Thorns & Roses” by Renee Tarot, Author of “Broken Heart” on Amazon

Thorns and Roses

by Renee Tarot, Author of Broken Heart on Amazon

Beauty lives within the vine, along with intense pain,
maturing me to Love’s pleasure as lakes swell up with rain.

Wondering where my life should go, confused by Grand Design.
Poring through my soul’s contract, unsure of when I signed.

Hidden enemies everywhere fueled by hearts like Cain,
never seeing their ownselves, nor any other’s pain.

In thick darkness, pierced by thorns, I’ll smell the roses all.
If I refrain, tis my own fault. Only I can let me fall.

Everything depends on me, it’s my realicious time.
Upon my own wings I will rise, the Queen of Things Sublime.

You may see tears or hear me roar, if so, then not so good.
For once it’s done you’ll know my plight, and change, as if you could.

So yes the freshest roses come with thorns that extract blood,
but fore we put the roses down who’ll bleed a thousand floods?

Enjoy me singing “Because You Loved Me”