Introducing Jeph Gile – A Shifter Series on Amazon’s Kindle Vella

Crap Happens, Just to Make You Turn!

Sometimes people challenge you because of who you are. Fated decisions are made, then you are born into certain circumstances, that can be within or beyond your control. No matter where these circumstances come from, they were NEVER meant to overcome YOU, but to prompt your evolution!

This is where we meet Jeph Gile, a man, who for whatever reasons, is not completely accepted, however those same people who want to shun him, end up needing him in the end.

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Shifters Really Do Exist!

In 2014 a BBC News article reported a shifter woman who was persecuted and called a witch in Oshodi, an area within Lagos, Nigeria. People did not like what they had witnessed; a black bird flying through the sky, accidently hitting an electrical line, then falling to the ground and turning into an old woman. The woman was immediately demonized in the street upon her landing and her already burnt body was shot and attacked by a mob. The raging crowd lit into the woman who had done something they could not do. The woman died while en route to the hospital, shortly after police rescued her from the mob.

Ancient biblical scripture has incorporated hybrid animal-humanoids as God, however to be such in the modern world is a dangerous ordeal.

Meet Maya, One of the Original Shapeshifters | Space: 1999 – The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Jeph Gile and some of his associates are shapeshifters, who because of their special gifts, possess superhuman abilities, which must be hidden from public view. For the aforementioned reasons, Jeph is forced to assimilate into normal human life and to remain undetected…hidden from view.

The modern world treats differences of all kinds in the same way — with fear, however it is time to accept a new idea of mankind, that has been hidden in the vestiges of denial, much like the dragon kingdom, that was forced through hidden portals into other realms.

Follow us on Kindle Vella and enjoy the triumphs and tragedies of Jeph Gile, a story that is meant to teach and entertain you. Kindle Vella stories are told one short episode at a time, perfect for lunch breaks, kid breaks and general enjoyment for those of you who have a lot on your plate, but still want time to enjoy a great read!

Episodes will be released each week til the end of the series.

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Join Renee Tarot in this exciting shifter series and get to know Jake, the Perez Brothers and The Gile Group as these characters come alive and dare you to accept the impossible. Every story has meaning and is meant to uplift you from where you are right now, because all that matters in the Universe is Soul Evolution.

“Top Secret” – New Paranormal Novella: E-Book Excerpt Included

Introducing a new e-book by author Emma Nelson entitled Top Secret!

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top secret 5

“I enrolled at this high school under a false name, and when I say false name, you have no clue what would happen to me and my family if the school found out who and what I really am.”
When Hailey and her family are rescued from their planet by Earth astronauts, she has to figure out how much she is willing to disclose to the new government about her secret gifts, while at the same time adjusting to life as a normal American teen.

Eventually she discovers certain Pentagon officials have plans for her kind so she must step up to the plate or risk complete annihilation.

Author Emma Nelson invites all to read and review this science fiction / paranormal novella, and be sure to tell a friend!


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Price – $1 (see excerpt below)

The novella is 124 pgs.


Enjoy the following excerpt from the e-book entitled Top Secret:

“Hi Sweetie.  I thought I might find you here.”

I turned around at the sound of the islander accent and saw CIA Operative Harriet walking toward me, her smooth, brown skin glistening like gold in the sunlight. 

I don’t trust her. 

“Hi Harriet.  I am so happy to see you,” I lie, running to her and hugging her so that she thinks I really care.

“Ah Sweetie I just wanted to stop by to see you,” Harriet said genuinely hugging me back.  “How are you doing dear?  Are you remembering anything yet?”  Harriet leaned back and looked at my irritated eyes, not wasting any time.  “And where are your contacts young lady?”

I look deep into Harriet’s eyes and smile at her showing all my 42 teeth. “I’m not remembering anything yet,” I lie again.  “The contacts popped out – I guess my eyes are just too big.”  I wait to hear what the black woman who has an answer for everything has to say.

Harriet stares into my large, royal, hypnotic eyes and feel herself weaken.  She’d forgot to take her hyp-resist pill before coming.

Damn these Zonians.  I know she remembers something or else she would not be able to do this!  “Listen Hon.  I’m not staying long because there’s a meeting I have to get to, but those contacts are not an option.  It is of the utmost importance that you not draw attention to yourself and fit in with all the other teens.”

I knew Harriet meant exactly what she said, especially since she never visited without revealing the shiny, black handgun in her small purse.