What Makes Something Holy?

As usual I was in a wonderful deep sleep, minding my own dream business, when I am nudged awake by something or someone and asked, “what makes a thing holy?”  I have no idea of the technical answer, but I am sure if I begin to type, my hands will know…..

What Makes Something Holy or Sacred

I would say that something can also be classified as someone, which would mean a person, place, thing, concept or word can be holy or sacred.  When I contemplated this question, I thought of a few things that make something holy for me, but as usual I must define what I mean by holy or sacred and these definitions come from Renee and not Webster…LOL. To be holy or sacred is to be deemed worthy of special care, respect, honor, protection or worship as a result of circumstances that are prompted by or result from and entity’s arrival, existence or departure.

The Slaughter of or State of Being An Innocent and Places Where they Reside

When I think of holiness from this concept, I think of places like the location of Sandy Hooks Elementary School where a group of innocent children, who felt they were in a safe place were protected by adults who sacrificed their lives for said children, and where these innocents also lost theirs in an act of cruel violence.  Anything that happens like this has deeper meaning in the realm of the  unseen and these meanings are typically not reported by mainstream news channels.

The place automatically becomes sacred, and when you look at the intense energy happening that occurred there, the portal that opened and the number of sacred beings and ancestors that greeted these children in one location, you can also review the ley lines, and will most likely notice a pattern of similar events that have happened along these same physical lines in other locations around the lobe.  You can learn more about ley lines in an earlier post of mine, however what does this mean?  It means, you must be careful about the activities performed in this location because it may be surrounded with entities that can harm you if you don’t approach and reside in the area with a great level of respect.

Words Spoken in Highly Emotional Situations

Have you ever had a dream where you were attacked and a certain song or words come to you to destroy your attacker?……probably not, that is something that only happens to me, right?  Well many words, rituals, plays, books, etc., come to people in dreams or in moments of intense emotion.  These words rise up out of the people, sometimes in other languages that they do not understand, because for a moment, they may be possessed by a guardian spirit, higher consciousness or ancestor who uses their physical mouths to emit word energy to handle a situation.  These words are charged and then become holy, and when repeated by others with intent (typically repeated more than once), will do the same thing as it did the first time.  This is why many churches, as well as hoodoo practitioners recite the Psalms of David…I’ll leave it at that.

Evocation of Obeisance in Others

I like the Diaspora social engine because I get to see interesting, unedited stories from all over the US and the world and ran across one story just yesterday.  A gentleman put out a statue of Buddha to change the energy in his neighborhood.  People were using a certain corner to throw mattresses, trash, etc., and he wanted to change the dynamic of that space.  Pretty soon people began standing and staring at the statue, bringing food and flowers, and even building a shrine around it.  The statue evoked a certain response or obeisance in others, hence making the location sacred or holy.   Click here to see it for yourself.

It is Deemed #Holy by Spirit

Many wandering #spirits were people prior to becoming spirits and others have never been in a human body, however they all have knowledge and will watch and lead certain people to certain things that are #sacred.  Those who are led to these items will keep these trinkets, dolls, writings, etc. and protect them from the hands of the money-hungry and degenerates who have no respect for such things.  Usually you will find these things to be story/movie-worthy or sometimes the spirits will not entrust the item or place to humans, but will keep it and watch over it themselves. The spirit-protected places are typically water spots, mountains, canyons, etc.

Be careful to go into these places with humility and respect because these locations, which are entities just like you and me WILL take sacrifices and swallow people up.  You will note that there are lots of drownings, accidents or deaths on certain highways on in certain lakes and rivers because the entities that live there get hungry, just like you do.

Holiness Resulting from Intense Care Given to Something by Someone

Sometimes things are passed down or used by people to bring comfort or even great pain.  Let’s use as an example an abused child who has a little doll that somehow brings great comfort to them.  They talk to the doll and whisper all of their little secrets in the doll’s ear.  A thief then breaks into the home and tries to harm the child then steals the doll.  The next day he his found in his car, after having driven off a cliff, with the little doll smiling on the passenger seat next to him.  Sounds like a movie right?

This can also apply to heirlooms passed down from loved ones or wedding rings and dresses, which is why I would NEVER buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop.  I’d rather wear a rubber band….seriously.

I hope this helps to explain to you the concept of what I see as holy or sacred.



The #Loa and the #Holy-Ghost

What Can You Learn About Spirituality from the Black Pentecostal Church.

As a child growing up in the pentecostal church I was very well aware that we were not like the churches on TV who sat quietly in their seats while their pastors calmly exegeted texts that were devised by catholic priests. Those pastors could speak in a whisper and still be heard on the back row of the church, however my church was a bit different.

Have any of you pentecostals ever wondered why we just HAD to have a drum or bongos in the building even if there was no other musician?

Many of you are well aware of what it’s like to be taught by pentecostals so I’ll spare you the gory details, but just know after some years in the church, I left because there were too many things that did not make sense and even more ideas that should have received attention, but were ignored AND you were crucified if you wanted to think or use your mind.

Like many of you, I left because the concept of an eternal hell did not resonate with me in light of the many dreams of reincarnation and spirit visions that I was blessed to have as a “Pisces” child.

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