A Truth About the Eye of Horus / Re

Close to two years ago, I had a dream of the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Re. In the dream, I was in a classroom and the eye was put up on a wall. The teacher was explaining that the lines of the eye symbolized navigation and roads to be taken. I could not remember all of the dream, but wrote down the sketchy notes I could remember.

Today, I thought of the dream again.

One of the grave errors of life is feeling guilty about taking time to focus and contemplate. Sometimes it takes days, weeks or years. There are those who are called to a lifetime of contemplation. When we forego the calling, the entire world loses.

Today, Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in the Twelth house in orderly Virgo, Jupiter opposes all that ails us (Chiron/Hollywood) and Venus is conjunct Mercury, as well. It is a day of discovery and “ah ha” moments while the Sun rests with the community in an eleventh house Leo and nestles closely with Uranus and no other opposers! The discovery is life-changing.

The Power of Focus

Eye of Horus2I decided to focus again on the eye and I heard a thought. Perhaps the eye is a map of sorts….a navigation course. I went to the map and there it was, the Eye of Horus…the area he oversaw, with the brow being the Meditteranean Sea (a sea route to Jerusalem) and his eyeball representing the lands of Alexandria and Cairo with the pupil being current day Tanta at the Mosque of St. Ahmed El-Badawy.

It appears we are looking at the left eye with the first leg representing the Nile Valley and the right tail leading us on the road to current day Timna Park, Israel, either over land or via the gulfs of Suez and Aquaba. Timna is possibly a location of King Solomon’s mines, currently considered belonging to the priest class of Khazakstan or the Jews (no further comment here).

It could simply represent an area of responsibility as various lands were doled out by the gods of the time…..a map of the land with travel routes to special places.

Just a thought.

Renee Tarot,
Author of “Embracing the Darkness” on Amazon