“Top Secret” – New Paranormal Novella: E-Book Excerpt Included

Introducing a new e-book by author Emma Nelson entitled Top Secret!

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“I enrolled at this high school under a false name, and when I say false name, you have no clue what would happen to me and my family if the school found out who and what I really am.”
When Hailey and her family are rescued from their planet by Earth astronauts, she has to figure out how much she is willing to disclose to the new government about her secret gifts, while at the same time adjusting to life as a normal American teen.

Eventually she discovers certain Pentagon officials have plans for her kind so she must step up to the plate or risk complete annihilation.

Author Emma Nelson invites all to read and review this science fiction / paranormal novella, and be sure to tell a friend!


To purchase the epub or pdf download for your e-reader or computer, please click here!

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The novella is 124 pgs.


Enjoy the following excerpt from the e-book entitled Top Secret:

“Hi Sweetie.  I thought I might find you here.”

I turned around at the sound of the islander accent and saw CIA Operative Harriet walking toward me, her smooth, brown skin glistening like gold in the sunlight. 

I don’t trust her. 

“Hi Harriet.  I am so happy to see you,” I lie, running to her and hugging her so that she thinks I really care.

“Ah Sweetie I just wanted to stop by to see you,” Harriet said genuinely hugging me back.  “How are you doing dear?  Are you remembering anything yet?”  Harriet leaned back and looked at my irritated eyes, not wasting any time.  “And where are your contacts young lady?”

I look deep into Harriet’s eyes and smile at her showing all my 42 teeth. “I’m not remembering anything yet,” I lie again.  “The contacts popped out – I guess my eyes are just too big.”  I wait to hear what the black woman who has an answer for everything has to say.

Harriet stares into my large, royal, hypnotic eyes and feel herself weaken.  She’d forgot to take her hyp-resist pill before coming.

Damn these Zonians.  I know she remembers something or else she would not be able to do this!  “Listen Hon.  I’m not staying long because there’s a meeting I have to get to, but those contacts are not an option.  It is of the utmost importance that you not draw attention to yourself and fit in with all the other teens.”

I knew Harriet meant exactly what she said, especially since she never visited without revealing the shiny, black handgun in her small purse.


Chapter Six – When the #Man You #Love is #Cheating – Excerpt from the Book Broken Heart by Renee Tarot on #Amazon

Are #you #okay? Has your #heart been #broken leaving you feeling not okay? If so, I #hope that you will feel better after reading my #book, which is #free for all #Amazon #Unlimited subscribers.

Broken Heart: The ‘How to Get Over Someone’ Emergency Recovery Manual for Women

Unfortunately, I must admit this book, and especially this chapter, are written as a result of my personal experience with certain negative situations and behaviors, namely infidelity, which surprisingly left my #mind in #one #piece.  I have chosen to take a bit of a different approach on the topic of cheaters in this divorce/break up blog.  You can easily go to the internet, library or bookstore and find loads of articles and periodicals about characteristics of people who cheat, specifically men, which I will focus on since I am a heterosexual woman and that is where my firsthand experience lies.  I actually have decided to deal with what I think I needed to learn from the situation, hoping that someone will benefit from this.

Some of what I discovered came from conversations with the “other woman” who indulged me by telling me what my husband had said about his ‘love’ for her and what he’d told her about me (believe it or not, this person was very similar to me, except not as faithful :).  I have also talked to male relatives who cheated to get their perspective from a man’s point of view.  With regard to speaking to the other woman, it was more of a relief than anything to have firm proof that my suspicions were not unfounded and that I was in my right mind.

Continue reading Chapter Six – When the #Man You #Love is #Cheating – Excerpt from the Book Broken Heart by Renee Tarot on #Amazon