The Self-Destructive American Church : The Self-Destructive American Church

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Raw, Brazilian Stones Promoting Vivid, Wild Dreams – New World Order Church Prophecy

Okay so I ordered some raw stones from Brazil for my altar and a box of these beauties arrived the other day.  I placed them at the head of my bed, just until I can decide what to do with them and dreams have been off the chain……..I’ll leave them near the bed for a few more days.


So I am at this mega church with a famous pastor who is caucasian and he is preaching against witches.  He begins to use profanity and I ask another witch that I am with, if that is now allowed in the church.  She tells me yes, pentecostal preachers are now using profanity from the pulpit.  I’m like, damn.

They start pulling people out of the pews and making them go up to the front for prayer against witchcraft and all of a sudden this hand comes over my head and these women start pulling me up and dragging me to the pulpit (I don’t see any faces, just know they are church women….spooky).  I am standing there in front of this very pentecostal, caucasian, mega pastor and he places his large, white hand over my head and begins to pray.  I am looking at him and the congregation because I am facing them and thinking I cannot feel anything from this man, meaning he has no power and I want to leave.  I begin to concentrate and call on a spirit of mine, by name, to get me out of this.  All of a sudden, this lady stands up in the audience and throws a lit candle up there, at me, but instead of hitting me, it hits the pulpit where other lit candles are and the pulpit goes up in flames.

Everyone runs out of the church, to include the pastor,  however me and my witch friend are left standing in the church so we get our purses and our stuff (she had a lot of junk for whatever reason) and we go to the bathroom before leaving ‘cuz we were not in the least bit afraid.  My only comment to her was, “he did not even say the benediction.”


I think we will begin seeing a much larger scale change in churches because they have lost their usefulness, whatever that was at the time.  The church was put in place because paganism and some shamanism was out of hand and a ‘police religion’ of sorts was needed to scare everyone back into place, in addition to Constantine needing a new world order, but do not get it twisted.  The leaders of the new world order are NOT in control, no matter what they think….LOL, they are just used to usher in new dispensations.

The church no longer offers fear to the extent that people will act correctly, they just do what they want anyway so expect Christianity to be taken completely out of the picture and replaced with something else soon (with the help of LGBT). You know how they say, if man puts you up, he can take you down.  They made Jesus a god and homie is about to be dethroned and replaced with something else, as will some other major systems. Now I am not saying the church will go away, however its holy days, rituals, and symbolism, will be changed….stay tuned.