Where Did African Americans Originally Come From? Learn What is Proven by Ancient mtDNA Heritage and Geographical Evidence.

What Are We Learning About American People of Color Based on Ever-Evolving Information From mtDNA Haplogroups?

We know 70% of the world’s population is considered to be ‘of color’, and there are many brown persons all over the world from different DNA Haplogroups; brown native Indians, brown Indonesians, brown caucasians (esp. Floridians), brown peoples of India, Afro-Arabs, short brown peoples of old Germany, Maroons, etc. They are all from different genetic origins and geographical locations, however Asiatic and Middle Eastern artistic whitewashing via audiovisuals like TV and movies assist in confusion regarding the brown races worldwide.

Y Haplogroups derive from fathers and are only passed on to their sons so women cannot be tested to determine theirs. Also, Y Haplogroups break down more with time than those derived from mitochondrial DNA from mothers. For the purposes of this article, I will primarily refer to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which suffers the least mutation over long periods of time and is passed on from mother to both sons and daughters. Also, for the purposes of history of so-called African Americans, I am referring to ancient human history versus recent family history in West and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Genetic Research Shows All Modern Humans Were Derived from Africa and the Matriarchal mtDNA Haplogroup L.

Modern science currently says Africa is the source of ALL modern humans therefore everyone is an African-something, at least regarding modern homo sapiens sapiens. The so-called African Americans could be called Ancient Middle Eastern-Americans, Midian-Americans, Ancient Druze-Americans, Moorish-Americans, Afro-Arab-Americans or simply brown people, and explanations will be given in this article.

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