Words of Encouragement from ‘Together We Ascend’

Today I received this letter from Together We Ascend and it was exactly on time. Hopefully, these words will encourage you as well!


You matter, how you feel matters, and you are innately deserving and worthy of love. You don’t need to earn this through achievement, you simply need to allow it in. Make the choice to do so, make the choice to let go of all past outdated stories that make you question whether you can ever be unworthy of love and joy. You are special Dear One, we see all that you do, how loudly you love, we see how much you do towards continuing to bring in just a little bit more light into this world.

Trust the process. Trust in the support around you, and remember that you are not alone. You have family and friends, seen and unseen, and they are here wanting nothing but the best for you. We want nothing but the best for you. For I am You, You are Us, and we are always in this together.

We love you and your special Soul,

Your Galactic Family

Together We Ascend, 100 Vescovo Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 3K2, Canada

When Dragons Were Men – The First Seven

All rights to When Dragons Were Men – The First Seven© reserved by Renee Tarot courtesy of www.anointedgroove.com .

In the Beginning, in a Time Before Kings and Kingdoms…

When Earth, also known as Mayah, was manifested under the Laws of The All Existent Beingness called DA’O, Mayah cloaked her majestic form in primordial dark waters, which she used to hide, protect and nourish herself. Soon she and her Creator/Partner DA’O conceived within the depths underneath the waters.

Fiery hearths of twin lives burned within her in the caverns of preformed volcanoes and these living fires took form as Fire Creatures whose hair was strongly textured tendrils, as their Father’s, and whose armored skin was the color of toasted flames. These were giants, born two, manifested as twin flames within the caverns of their mother, born in and of herself by the DA’O, formed within the pre-volcanic lavic caves of brimstone, ash and water. Mayah named the male twin Drayghan and his sister she called Mayghan, the first of the Dragonoids.

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In Honor of Siblings Who Are Also Friends

What is a Friend?

A friend is someone who connects with you wheree’er you go.

No matter how wide or how high your thoughts, with you they try to flow.

There is a special kind of love the binds you past the end.

A certain cosmic concoctional soup with stardust makes a friend.

What is a Special Sibling Friend?

I have four siblings, who I love all, but two are a special kind,

For when I have a cloudy day, they always soothe my mind.

We share our secrets, big and small, with true and honest awe.

They both have deep abiding faith in me in spite of flaw.

When others say most unkind words, I think how they love me.

It keeps me glowing deep inside; through them they help me see

That I am worthy, I am good eve’ when they tell hard truth

I trust them both with all my heart, e’er since I was a youth.

Yes, we have fought and we have cried, but nothing stops our bond.

I do believe ever they’ll be with me now and beyond.


What Makes You Want Life? Purpose. [How Not to Be Marvelized, DC-Universified or Disneydumbed]

purpose[ˈpərpəs]NOUN the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Know Thyself.

Too many people don’t, which results in internal discontent and interpersonal feelings of unhappiness that lead to some of you projecting unhappiness onto others, which spreads misery.

If you know yourself, you understand what is going on inside of you and why. It becomes easier to release others to their own freedoms, along with giving up grandiose feelings of self-sacrifice.

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“All is Well” | New Music from Diana Ross

We live in a world that receives numerous infusions of negativity, leaving our heads spinning and hearts sad. From time to time, Life graces us with beauty and love in the form of art and people, one such person being Diana Ross.

Enjoy this much needed shower of positivity in your world…

How to Claim Territory and Plant Your Feet | Life Advice

You Have to be Bold With It and Know That You Know That You Know IT’S YOURS!

One of my favorite sacred passages that I refer to time and time again is in the Bible in Numbers 13:30.

Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”

In the original text, the name Caleb means ‘dog’. Likely, he did not consider himself to be of the elite class, but he was a believer so all he had to stand on was his God. He was an adult of about age 40, who went with Joshua to spy out land they said their God had promised them. The land was filled with grapes, milk and honey, and the spies came back and reported the sons of Anak still lived there and the Annunaki descendants were giants. How could grasshoppers conquer giants with extraterrestrial ancestry? Read more for life advice that can catapult you to the next level!

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