Who Are You — Really?

Depression, Schizophrenia

There Is a Lot More to You Than Meets the Eye.

All of your life you’ve been told you are you. One person. One identity. But, oh how untrue this is. You are a highly multiplicitous set of energies, with varying consciousnesses, memories, avatars, archetypes, ancestral influences, spirit energies, etc., all wrapped up in the flesh that you call yourself. Remember you lived inside your mom as an egg all her life, feeding off her own blood until she birthed you so you even have her influences to some extent. Yes, truly the kingdom is within you.

Get to Know Who You Are — All of You.

You will find happiness and tranquility when you accept who you really are, decide who you want to be, then put a plan into motion. When you are true to your own self. Your complete self, forms your external world. It influences who comes around you, what career you pursue, who you date, who becomes a part of your family, etc. In order to create the world you want, you have to get to know all of you. And yes, you can kick out parts of yourself that you feel no longer serve.

Perfect You.

You hear the phrase ‘nobody’s perfect’ all of the time. However, soul evolution and growth is your purpose for being here.  Your life should improve as time passes by and who you are will grow, suffer setbacks, deal with problems, learn more about life, and eventually continue to improve. However, for that improvement to begin, self knowledge is crucial.

If you are haunted by one or more of your former selves, or a former marriage or a former friendship, you MUST go back to who you were at that time and deal with you. I promise you, he/she is still inside you influencing your actions.

People tend to create Self-Archetypes who are formed during traumatic times in their lives and never leave voluntarily.

Even if you do have an archetype that has hung around, there are ways to deal with those personalities. Here are a few things that might help:

  1. Understand that the archetype exists to validate your pain. If you drive it away, it is as if you never went through what you did. This archetype serves as a memorial to let everybody know, “it happened to me!” Speak to this archetype [when you are alone]. Tell it that you understand it is an energy of you that formed for you from your past. Let you/it know that what happened has been chronicled in the annals of the akasha and will be remembered for as long as you want it to be. Then tell it that its place is done in your life. Tell it to go rest. Then tell yourself, “I’ve learned from the incident that formed this archetype and am a better person because of it.”  Tell the archetype to rest and sleep. You can even imagine burying it in the family cemetary.
  2. Take back your personal power. There is nobody in this world that is more valid than you. Nobody in this world who has a right to be here more than you. Nobody can control you unless you want them to. When you are ready for release, KNOW that the UNIVERSE will immediately go into motion to orchestrate your complete freedom. Elohim is waiting on you.
  3. Protect your personal power. Stay away from situations and people who are toxic. Get to know people before you give them your heart because they will become a part of you. Don’t go by their words, give them a few months to show you their deeds. Love yourself most. Prioritize yourself and do not call it selfishness. But also, let go of your fairy tales. Walt Disney ruined a lot of young girls with promises that will never happen. People are people. Accept reality and build your world from there.
Once you do these things and a few others, you will begin to see positive change and growth in yourself and your surroundings.


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“Oshun” African-American Tribal Music

“Oshun” by Colette Renee – copyright 2017

Please enjoy the lyrics to this very special song. You may listen to the song using the player at the end of this post.

Ore yeye o

Ore yeye o oooh

The master’s dogs are behind me I call you Oshun, Oshun.

My feet have left my path bloody I need you Oshun, Oshun.

Oshun, the stripes that come from the lash have made me forget my own name.

Oshun, help me remember your call so that I can get to freedom.

They left my brother in Cuba, a foreign land. Oh, how I long for his face.

My mother’s chains are in Santo Domingo and I may never see her again.

Oshun, I lost the crown of my father and I was the next in line.

Oshun, please open up your sweet waters I hear the master behind.

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

There is a river before me, I call you Oshun, Oshun.

The moon is full as I call you, I remember your name, but barely Oshun.

Oshun, the wife of Shango and sister wife of Oya the wind.

Oshun, please stretch your arms before me and welcome me once again.

I have forgotten your honor in the midst of the pain here it takes all my strength to survive.

Last year I lost both my daughters.

I don’t even know if my babies are alive.

Oshun, please help me to recall your greeting and open your arms.

Oshun, the bearded lady, but wait, I hear the call of the owl!

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

Six Things #Jesus and #Lucifer Had in Common

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

Caviat – Christianity is derived from Jewish mythology, folklore, traditions and history. For this reason, I am using Jewish and Christian scriptures to explain their deities. Other cultures, to include Africans, Asians, Indians, Europeans and all Indigenous Peoples have their own completely different mythologies and spiritual heritages. This is not a treatise against any group, just a Bible lesson for the spiritually curious.

Despite What You May Have Heard, the Name Lucifer is Mentioned Only One Time in the Christian Bible.

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How Much of a Break Do You Need?

As Long As It Takes…

Beach, Hammock, Blue Sky, Clouds
Depending on your culture or where you live, breaks from the hectic schedules of life can be looked down upon.  You may be considered lazy or a procrastinator when you long to remain in bed for the day or choose not to interact with the world for a bit of time.
The societal biggest mistake was when the concept of villages was largely discarded by the western world. It takes a village to not only raise a child, but to support a healthy adult. Whether you are a single parent, a sole proprietor, or only one of two adults in a household, things can get harried, because there are a limited number of adults that you can pass on your daily responsibilities to.

It’s Okay if 4th of July Needs to be Extended.

You need independence from pain, heartache, fatigue, fear, toxicity and all things that don’t serve. If you take the time you need, and send messages to the Universe to make up for your absence, everything will work out well and when you return to us, everyone will be all the better served by a more invigorated you.

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Rectal Tumors Eliminated in Trials with 14 Patients Taking the Drug Dostarlimab. What Does This and Other Advancements Mean for Humanity?

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

CNN Reports a Major Breakthrough in Medicine.

The drug dostarlimab has been used to eliminate 100 percent of rectal cancers, without toxic treatment, in a small study of 14 patients. Watch the video below:

So now we have a drug that helps the body’s immune system fight an awful disease on its own. Also, we have semiglutides fighting the awful Type 2 Diabetes and helping people to lose weight, restore liver function and restore pancreatic function.

Various universities are experimenting with consciousness and the human body’s abilities to heal itself and are even working on being able to download consciousness onto computers. If you can hold out for a few years, our science may just catch up to the Divine Mind’s, whose essence we hold. It is unfortunate that certain world powers have sought to put humans to sleep to prevent everyone from benefiting from this ‘science‘. That time has come to an end.

Scientists are saying that with 2.5 ml of your own blood they can clone your heart. There are farms creating genetically-modified pigs for the same purpose so there are numerous hearts that will be available for transplanting. These pigs have also been approved for food and are missing components that some humans find hard to digest.

Additionally, they’ve already begun implanting these genetically-modified pig hearts into humans. Why wait for your heart to go bad? Are you up for beginning automatic transplants by age 40? This will be an option at least until you can regenerate the same using only mental faculties. Just wait — it’s coming. In fact for some, it’s already here.

If you have a creative-minded young one, perhaps you should introduce them to the sciences. The world could use them.

So What Happens to Kids if Humans Live Forever?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you were in a world where all disease was cured via physical and mental sciences, and you could live forever or live to be 200 years old, or however old you want to be, always advancing in knowledge, would you have kids again at age 125?

Would you choose to marry and remain with the same mate for that long a time or do you think you would sign a 25 year relationship contract that was renewable [or not]? How stressful do you think it would be if your partner chose not to renew when you wanted to?

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Avoid Dogma in Spirituality and in Life.

Direction, Signpost, Board, School
photo from pixabay.com

What is Dogma?

Dogma is a teaching or belief that is accepted as general truth set by an established authority in a specific locale. Humanity has influence over all dogma. All humans are imperfect individuals with unique opinions, finger prints, dna, etc. Each opinion can be slightly different, so using terminology such as ‘established truth’ is dangerous, specifically when such truth is not set as regional law, and even then it is subject to interpretation and amendment.

Things Change Much Like Seasons and Realizations Change, and No Two Seasons are Exactly Alike.

Truth changes based on circumstances.Promoting dogmatic statements as ultimate and total truth despite context is extremely dangerous and leads to erroneous thinking. There is seldom, if ever, a time when an act is ALWAYS correct or, conversely, always wrong. As an example, if all the oak leaves fell off an oak tree in April in North America, everyone who sees the tree would assume it is dying. If the same thing happens in October, everyone assumes it is natural. If it does not happen in a unseasonably hot October, once again everyone assumes it is not natural. Timing, temperature, circumstances play vital roles in determining the simple truth that ‘leaves should fall off oak trees’.

Build Your Paradigm and Remain Open for What You Do Not Yet Realize.

Holding dogmatic ways of thinking should never happen. There is nothing more consistent than change, and nothing more diverse than individual circumstances. In addition to changing circumstances, ever-revealing facts will alter truth. A 21-year-old’s truth will be very different from a 55-year-old’s truth. Likewise the truth of a 45-year-old born and reared in southern California will be very different from the truth of a 45-year-old born and reared in rural Alabama.

Hear others out before making your decisions. Operate intuitively and without ultimate judgement.Take personal responsibility for expanding your knowledge base. Forming truth is an evolving wheel, especially when Truth has the ability to shapeshift, not even recognizing its own face from the previous day.


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