The Divine Feminine

Imagine a world of women only.

We are men with wombs. We can tap into our power of procreation and creativity without them….

if we allow ourselves to.

We are beautiful, muscular, hairy, smooth…… We fight to the death and we love just the same.

We are fair, with feelings, and we are one with the synchronycitous, disembodied powers.

No more slavery, oppression, useless war, abandoned children, self-dissatisfaction, workaholicism, fear, depression, sadness, obesity……just harmony.

We smell good naturally….the only time we stink is when we have been around….THEM….that attempted to destroy the true Kings who have re-arisen!

The imposters cannot live without us, but we CAN and do live and thrive without them.

They only protect us from their own kind.

No more putrid smells, musty socks, bad breath, sexual disease, rape, lies, twisted or selfish thinking, just order…….

Hail to the rise of Divine Femininity

Yin and Yang are already embodied in ONE……the Womb-man.