What I Learned from the Parents of Lizzie Velasquez

Sometimes I can be really hard on my boys, as I am the consummate perfectionist……and they’re boys!  We have to be careful how we rear our children as what we do could create a very powerful personality.

My Love for Astrology and Similarities with Lizzie

Astrology has been a passion of mine since I was a child, and even though initially I was versed only in sun sign philosophy, the beauty and art of the science grew up in me to expand to birth charts, planetary placements, nodes, etc.

I am really late in that I just heard the story of Lizzie Velasquez, however, we have some things in common:

  1. We are both Pisceans!
  2. We both have Jupiter in Gemini!
  3. We both have stelliums (Four or more planets in one house.)

I hope that my love of astrology can somehow help to get her story to more people — let’s get started.

Caviat – Please keep in mind that my astrological interpretations are my own and may go against conventional norms, seeing they are mostly intuitive.

Powerful Love

Lizzie’s Chart
Lizzie Velasquez

The first thing that stood out to me was the illustrious Sun and beautiful Venus dancing together with the politician Pallas in the 10th house of career, which also doubles as a house of motherhood or parents.  Not only are her parents her strongest advocates, their love for her is immutable and is as real as it gets.

Pisces offers its healing and peaceful influences in the house of her career, but also straddles the fence and leans into the 9th house with speaking ability (Mercury) and the North Node, where she is headed or her destiny.  Despite any physical challenges, Jupiter the great influencer, decided to join with Gemini to give her a hefty dose of brains and comedic timing for use in her public speaking and writing.  She is the consummate communicator and writer, who will inspire millions in teaching them the best way to love.  It would not surprise me one bit if she could also sing.

In order to be the star that she is, the Universe gave Lizzie a hefty dose of familial roots and momma is there again.  Lilith is there, but is transformed by Parts of Fortune and Zeus in the house of Virgo so that she has become the motivator and the one that will NOT let you fall, EVER!  Actually, it is more like “will not allow you to fall”  lol!

I know that Lizzie has suffered at the hands of bullies and shallow, uninformed people, and the 12th house moon proves that, however Mars has undergirded Jupiter in Gemini, most likely because he did not have a choice due to the 10th and 4th house placements of parental strength and love.  She will remain strong, she will overcome, and the love of her family will be the wings that she rides on….it will never fail.

Love your children and support them, no matter what, because you are co-creators with them in their destiny!

Other Interesting Notes

Lizzie has an interesting and full 7th house!  I’ve seen the energies of Neptune misbehave and have gotten to know him as a bearer of unwanted issues, when he is unchecked.  Uranus playing out there with him will require some discipline, but the best disciplinarian, Chiron the Healer is busy in the first house, keeping Lizzie ready and willing to embrace the public.  The Universe felt Chiron was best needed there.  I am hoping that Saturn, with the orderliness of Capricornian energies, will force the two mischievous entities into submission and bring Lizzie life long, strong love, using the Uranus energy to bring a pleasant surprise and the Neptunian energy to help her to realize her dreams!

Good Luck in all of your endeavors Lizzie and great job Mom and Dad!





Morticia Addams Kills the Grinch — Dream #FanFiction….Go figure

Morticia Kills the GrinchWell, from time to time I have dreams where it’s like going to the movies.  Yes, I dream movies, but sometimes they could contain messages for people and this was a weird one…. (photos courtesy of the New Yorker Paper (Morticia) and DragoArt.com (the Grinch)

Dream Date 11/16/15

Morticia Kills the Grinch

So in this dream, Morticia Addams is at home with her family and she tells Gomez that she feels the Grinch’s energy is downgrading the rest of the worlds energy and ethics.  She has come up with a wonderful idea that they should lure the Grinch to Thanksgiving dinner and kill him with a Saturn conjunct Saturn transit.  Yes with an astrological transit (I’ll tell you how later).

Gomez asks Morticia how she will get the Grinch to come to dinner and she tells him that he loves little Cindy Lou so she will make sure her daughter Cindy Lou is there to lure him in.  Now in this dream, Wednesday is not the daughter they are referring to, it is Cindy Lou, however Cindy Lou is old like Grandmama so I don’t know if they dressed Grandmama up to look like Cindy Lou or if Cindy Lou was just their old ‘other’ daughter.

Anyhoo, the Grinch agrees to come once he discovers Cindy Lou will be there and when he arrives, he steps over all the other kids to get to Cindy Lou who is no longer little Cindy Lou, but big ass old Cindy Lou.  He seems not to notice the difference and pats her on the head in adoration.  Believe it or not, it is not twisted adoration, but as an uncle would adore his fave niece.

The Astro Room

Morticia invites the Grinch into the Astro-Room for pre-dinner chat and perhaps a cigar.  Now let me explain this room because this is where it gets weird, I mean ‘more’ weird.  It is a dark gothic room like a big, ancient library with old books, leather lounging chairs and a clear, glass ceiling where the astral bodies (planets, stars, etc.) can be clearly seen.  Any astral relations are seen as shadows on the floor, i.e. squares, conjuncts, triSaturn Transitnes, etc.  The kicker is, if you stand on the shadow that is formed by a particular transit, you will feel it many times more than what people normally feel it on earth meaning its power is amplified to kill you if it is the right type of transit and apparently Saturn conjunct Saturn is a ‘killer’ transit.

The Grinch’s Final Moments

The Grinch walks to one end of the room and Gomez and Morticia remain on the opposite end.  Morticia has timed it perfectly so that they are seconds before the Saturn conjunct Saturn transit and it is to be a surprise attack.  The Grinch looks around with his evil smile and realizes something is up and as he attempts to walk toward the door to exit the room AND their home, he steps onto a shadow on the ground which is the Saturn transit, that looks like the pic above.  The angles connect under his feet and he falls to the ground as the breath leaves his body.  Morticia is successful.

I wake up and say, “Wow.  Only me.”


Energy Prison

One of my biggest #challenges is to allow my perfect plan to flow without falling back to the things I know and love (from the previous life). With a #south #node of Scorpio my witchy “save the world with #magick” tendencies and fascination with the afterlife beg to release themselves from the prison of my current situation, north node Taurus. Now with all of the wonderful benefits that come with Taurus, it is so friggin opposite of my heart that the ease of material possessions do nothing to assuage my longing for the battlefield and for pain.

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Twin Flames: The New Love Relationship Part II

Disclaimer — I was listening to music by Yes when I wrote this, in a room smoky with ctm incense, typing using hands dusty with orris root…..

Tarot Card pulled prior to this writing – ‪#‎Strength‬

Where do I start?

 Anyone who reads this is most likely a very evolved soul, somewhat detached from the happenings of this earth, yet here nonetheless. You may feel that you are not accepted by the status quo, but you really don’t care because you know they don’t have a clue. You long to become ONE, with something, yet not sure why those that lie next to you leave you empty with your root ‪#‎chakra‬ depleted instead of restored.

We need it, long for it, crave it, but don’t know exactly what it is….damn this flesh that covers and veils the truth and hides me from my freedom. Then one day you see them. With head cocked to the side you wonder why so much interest in a stranger, until they speak and you hear your words, thoughts, feelings and ideas coming from the mouth of an incarnate who is outside of you. Wow, you may have just found your twin flame.

Now I’ll Live Happily Ever After?????

It is not about ‪#‎sex‬ even though many twins think it is and delve into it just to find they repel each other…or not. Perhaps you are to know that the other exists but remain at a distance because the strength they give you would make the journey in this life too easy because together the ‪#‎power‬ you have is unstoppable. Have you met your twin flame…your other self? The emotion they evoke is life shattering and the ‪#‎frustrations‬ that come as a result of NOT being able to get to them is even worse. Environmental influences, the ‪#‎matrix‬, distance, other relationships prevent you from physically interacting, but I have good news>..LOL

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Twin Flames: The New Love Relationship Part I

I dedicate this piece to my Twin.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Am I pressuring you to give me more than you should or do you feel comfortable with me….and do I care? When it comes to relationships, especially the spiritual ones with #twinflames, we have to be careful to avoid what is expected by the status quo because there are typically very clear reasons for your coming together on this plane. So often, specifically in a woman’s baby-making years, women find it almost impossible to avoid pressuring men into settling down, starting a family and forgetting about their dreams in order to take care of us, but is that fair? What are we afraid of if we know that by doing good to this person and loving them unconditionally, they will always be there? Twin flames are protected you know.

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