The Mystic - Wicca - New Age - PaganismThe Mystic:  Pagan Essays on Mindfulness, Meditation, Wicca and the New Age

You have the power to recreate your life the way you want it to be; self help begins within you.

New Age Thought and Neo-Paganism are valuable paths that can lead to self development, abundance, spiritual fulfillment and higher soul evolution. In this channeled text, Ms. Renee Tarot invites you to join her in the rediscovery of this movement from a practical, yet spiritual point of view.

Understand the God and Goddess concepts of Wicca.

Get a clearer understanding of the origins of Christianity to overcome tradition and guilt related to it.

Receive an introduction to the wonderful world of Tarot and how it guides and opens doorways to truth.

Gain understanding on not only the Tarot, but on reading the Universe itself.


Embracing the Darkness:  A Novel

Embracing the Darkness 6When an African American family known as the Carters, lose a special family heirloom with spiritual powers, their entire bloodline is threatened. The mystical item they misplace destines them to carry a legacy of power and dignity for generations to come. The questions are, can they get it back and who’s hands did this special item end up in?

Enjoy their tale of corporate intrigue, adoption, love and secrets with a supernatural twist…

GeminiJones: “I came across this book by chance and I’m really glad I did…”

Henpenny: “I love the intertwining of ancestral African spirituality with this modern family and search for an artifact in the balance. Complete, complex, characters and a dynamic plot make this an outstanding read and leaving you wanting more. What’s next?”

Anonymous: “I like the fantasy aspect of the story. It was interesting. The story kept me involved and that’s unusual…”

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download my books free of charge, meaning no cost besides your usual subscription fee!



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