How Understanding your Beloved Pet May Help You to be a Better Parent or Boss

I think this message is very timely with governments having completed the canine genome and are now relating domestic pups to humans in a more significant way, even with regard to treating CANCER!  Now please keep in mind, the videos that I am proposing here by Doggy Dan DO NOT claim to train people, just dogs, however a lot of what he says can be applied to people.

Having said that, and understanding that our basic physical nature is animal, there were some things that struck me about what Doggy Dan says, which I think can be applied to my household.

If you click on any of the interactive links below, the products are meant only to help you train dogs….period!  I just happened to get more from what he says and thought you might also.
The Pack Leader

You already know that you really need to be the pack leader in your home or workplace in order to be successful so how do you do this?  Do you need to yell, beat your chest, stand on tables and proclaim that you are top dog?  No you don’t.  Studying facts about dogs can help with this.

In the wild, dogs view every member of the pack as part of the family and how each dog is dealt with by the pack leader, will depend on the nature of the dog.  As with any animal, each human being displays different traits and characteristics.  Therefore, doing well with one employee or child and having a hard time with another is no reflection on YOU as a person or leader. People and animals have to be dealt with differently.
Difficult, smart, driven people and animals have certain ways of receiving messages from you and it is not just from your vocal cords.  Bribing, warring/fighting with, etc. will not only cause you major frustration, but could end in very negative events as peoples’/animals’ instinctual, defensive responses kick in.  Learn from Doggie Dan about how successful animal pack leaders behave:

Energy Prison

One of my biggest #challenges is to allow my perfect plan to flow without falling back to the things I know and love (from the previous life). With a #south #node of Scorpio my witchy “save the world with #magick” tendencies and fascination with the afterlife beg to release themselves from the prison of my current situation, north node Taurus. Now with all of the wonderful benefits that come with Taurus, it is so friggin opposite of my heart that the ease of material possessions do nothing to assuage my longing for the battlefield and for pain.

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The Pouring of Libation

The Pouring of ‪#‎Libations‬

I have been on Facebook for quite a while but have never seen or heard anyone mention this very important ‪#‎tradition‬, even though I am sure some of you have. I know it is a tradition of ‪#‎African‬ ‪#‎culture‬ but I do not know whether or not it is a tradition in other cultures. I am almost certain other cultures have some rendition of this. I do believe that this is very important and for those of you who do not understand what the officiant is saying during the ceremony, after the ceremony he will sit and tell you what he said so that you can perform your own libations with regard to the protocol of who he is calling, why he is calling them, what he desires of them, how he performs these motions physically, when does he partake himself, etc.

As we embark on the United Nations effort to reconnect us to all cultures within the recent African races we need to wake up and stop calling ourselves victims when we do not use the tools that have been set before us so that we can empower ourselves with true power. It is so important because we have lost much ground by losing our traditions.

I know that one of the main objectives of the United Nations is numbers. How many of each nation exists on this planet. Every celebration and every initiative will be used to determine these numbers, however anything that is meant for evil will be for our good and we cannot be concerned, and neither should we be, about what people try to do to us. We should make sure that a hedge of protection is firmly planted around us, our families and our communities. and every piece of dung that is sent will be used as fertilizer and the refuse will be thrown back in the face of the one that sent it for evil.

As the circle of life continues I believe it is very important that we retain and document our traditions as appropriate so that we can become our true selves again.

Twitter Hacked and Announcements of World War III are False

Reports have come in that the New York Post and UPI Twitter accounts were hacked very recently and an unauthorized announcement was made on Friday, January 16, 2015 with false claims of the start of World War III. The hacker claimed the pope made the announcement about the start of war and the hacker also claimed that Chinese navy vessels allegedly fired on U.S. ships in the South China Sea.

These announcements have been contained and refuted on Twitter, where they started. All I could think about was “Olivia Pope”, but I digress.

The announcement about whether or not the Chinese fired has NOT yet been refuted as far as we can confirm.  Officials have spoken around the topic saying that the US warship was at port, but did not confirm the time of the docking.  They also confirmed that a war, that is officially called World War III, had not started.  Back to your cubicles.


Chapter Six – When the #Man You #Love is #Cheating – Excerpt from the Book Broken Heart by Renee Tarot on #Amazon

Are #you #okay? Has your #heart been #broken leaving you feeling not okay? If so, I #hope that you will feel better after reading my #book, which is #free for all #Amazon #Unlimited subscribers.

Broken Heart: The ‘How to Get Over Someone’ Emergency Recovery Manual for Women

Unfortunately, I must admit this book, and especially this chapter, are written as a result of my personal experience with certain negative situations and behaviors, namely infidelity, which surprisingly left my #mind in #one #piece.  I have chosen to take a bit of a different approach on the topic of cheaters in this divorce/break up blog.  You can easily go to the internet, library or bookstore and find loads of articles and periodicals about characteristics of people who cheat, specifically men, which I will focus on since I am a heterosexual woman and that is where my firsthand experience lies.  I actually have decided to deal with what I think I needed to learn from the situation, hoping that someone will benefit from this.

Some of what I discovered came from conversations with the “other woman” who indulged me by telling me what my husband had said about his ‘love’ for her and what he’d told her about me (believe it or not, this person was very similar to me, except not as faithful :).  I have also talked to male relatives who cheated to get their perspective from a man’s point of view.  With regard to speaking to the other woman, it was more of a relief than anything to have firm proof that my suspicions were not unfounded and that I was in my right mind.

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Personal Finance 202 – Is Your #Bank Charging #Fees that are Within the #Legal Limit?

My #life #experience has become a blog, in and of itself.  RT 

Was this a Mistake or a Negligent Act to Increase #Profits?

Many of you are aware that I love to shop and also love to do research and make #buyers aware of great deals — we have to look out for each other right?  Quick plug – follow me on Twitter to see what deals I am posting @ShopAtAmazonNow.  

Now, I’d like to make you aware of something else you may not know about.

Recently, one of the #banks that I use was sued by the government for unfair practices towards its #customers.  I choose not to name this bank because for the most part they have been a decent bank, or at least I thought they were.  At this point, I will not name them even in the comment section of this post.  In any case, they were slapped with quite a fee, even though there is no mention of this case on their website —  fast forward a few months.

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