#Gas #Prices Are Falling, But is that Really a Good Thing?

These days you have to be careful what you say and you have to respect EVERYBODY because people demand it.  I will not go into all the detail that you know I am capable of.  I just want to discuss and hear your opinions about something that I’ve noticed.

#Gas #Prices are Down

In the past few weeks I’ve gone to the gas pumps and seen where prices have miraculously dropped from close to $4 to close to $2 a gallon.  Usually, I just dum-de-dum to the gas station because I need gas and pay whatever the most reputable gas stations are charging.  It’s not like I can go and argue with the cashier.  I use to put $30 in my SUV and got a little over 1/2 a tank.  Yesterday I loaded up a big $25 and my tank was almost full.  Hmmmmm.  That is immediate #money in my pocket.  I like it.  I can’t help, but notice it.  Somebody’s losing money. Uh oh…..

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The #Organic #Oolong , #Honey and Other #Tips for #Weight #Loss

#My #Story about How I #Killed #ObetiaP

I am not a doctor, health practitioner or weight loss instructor, however I am a person who recently lost 58 lbs (since May of 2014) and plan to 8507b-images#keepitoff for the rest of my life because I feel so much better now!

The first time I saw the words #morbidly #obese was at the ob/gyn office back in the late 1990’s.  I had to get one of my files from the doctor’s office and happened to glance at her personal notes on my chart.  I was insulted.  Seriously, I felt like she was lying and being over the top because it was something about me that she did not like.  I was being very silly because she was trying to #save my #life.

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#Theory — There is No Such Thing as One #Beginning or One #Creation


If a person, place, thing or concept can start in location X, it has just as much ability to start in location Y at the same time.  It is highly unlikely that what begins in location Y, will be an exact replica of what began in location X, however they can begin at the same time, be very similar, and have nothing to do with the other.

The scientific community needs to stop using the very wide parameters of carbon dating to try to date everyone back to Africa or every animal back to one amoeba, etc..  It is my theory that even though there are aged bones in Africa, there are the same in China and the same in South America.  It takes lots of money, other resources and inordinate amounts of time to prove where humans and life began.  If we had all of the time and resources in the world, we would find that it began in numerous places, independent of the other places.  Yes there were migrations, yes there were intermarriages, but these make up only a percentage of the human race.  Everything else is native.


Black people did not all come from Africa.  Brown skin and kinky hair do not denote that all brown-skinned people originated from the same location.

White people did not all originate from the middle east.

Storm systems in China do NOT come from storm systems in New Orleans. These climatic systems can occur independent of the other, but at the same time.

We should continue to teach theory, but reiterate, over and over again, that it is just that, theory.  A fault line in America, will not affect Australia, less the entire earth split in half.  The idea of a finite line with a start and end point is completely fictitious even if it makes you feel safe.  Things are more multidimensional where ultimately they will connect, but the starting points are dissimilar and separate.  We have it backwards.  There is not one start, which spreads out.  Things start in different places and come together through magnetic forces.

Even book publishers urge manuscript writers NOT to send unsolicited copy because people have a tendency to get the same ideas at the same time and then accuse publishes of stealing their ideas.  This concept concurs with the forming of ideas, animals, plants and people.

In the center of the Indian ocean is a country that houses plants not found anywhere else in the world. You will find plant life in other locations around the world that are not found anywhere else.


I urge all scientists to think very deeply before publishing theories that have no logical merit with regard to what nature teaches us.  These unmerited concepts, are proven by fallacious, inaccurate tools and illogical deductions that when written on paper sound very educated, but when pondered have less merit than the sense of a grape.


#TOP #FIVE — #Best-Selling #Self #Help Books of 2015

So you’ve started the new year and you know it’s time to improve some things in your life……right…..about…..NOW!  But where do you start?  Well the good news is that the digitized age puts awesome information right at your fingertips whether by desktop, phone, tablet or notebook.  Are you interested in increasing your #financial #wealth and #independence?  What about improving your #love #life.  Well look no further!  Here are the #top #five #best-selling #books that are currently available at the start of #2015 and that can get you headed toward a prosperous New Year!

Happy reading!


The Battle for #SocialMedia Dominance – How will #Google and #Facebook Compete?

It really doesn’t matter how many networks are out there if they ALL suck….not saying that they do, but focus on the real competition…RTI’d like to see the following simple list on one social media platform: Continue reading The Battle for #SocialMedia Dominance – How will #Google and #Facebook Compete?

#Privacy and #Security

I fucking hate the way the #internet is making me feel these days. Warning, there may be expletives in this post.  This post will be edited as I get more info. #OpenSource #Developers I love you for not selling out.  Here’s some sunshine on me!


Lately I feel like everything I say on the phone, via Facebook, via Google+ and via #Gmail and even Twitter and AT&T is so damn peered into.  They don’t want me to spam anyone or have too many friends or say what the fuck I feel, however certain people can get on these mainstream channels and say whatever the fuck they want, just because they are planted there to see who fucking agrees with them.  This shit is #outofcontrol.  #Youdon’townme, but #Istillwantyourbenefits because #ipaidforthatshit with #mytaxdollars now #kissmyass.

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