What is Magick? Understand the Law of Ritual.

The Evolution of Magick

Magick was once a very simple concept among human beings in prehistoric times, and was considered as the special ability to effect change — something that the average person could not do or explain.  In the past, nature and the happenings in the sky were seen as magickal, as was the pregnant female or the ability to obtain a harvest from the fields.

Over the course of many years and political regimes, magick evolved from a reverence of nature to an idea that some people consorted with evil spirits or entities and could get them  to cause things to happen.  However, in recent times, we have begun to embrace the idea that magick is the ability to manipulate energy, and we now understand there is no such thing as ‘mass’ as we knew it 30 years ago, only energy and waves, but there’s more.

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2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – Finding Truth | ENTRY 6

There Are Many Voices – Many Truths.

Each cosmology has an end that reflects the culture that originated it.

The Hindus offer service and selflessness until finally ascending out of carnal chaos.

People of Abrahamic religions are a particular group, who believe they were divinely given specific lands and privileges, and will ultimately be the chosen ones of an everlasting empire that can defeat all other empires.

Traditional African religions and some shamans seek a return to family either on the ancestral plane or back on Earth, later to emerge with the Universal Consciousness, whatever He or She is called in the culture, in heavenly places.

Yes, we all want eternally what we are taught culturally to desire.

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Letter to the Prophet Who is Born Today

To A Very Special Baby Who Is Born Today, February 22, 2021

Dear Child,

I pray that someday you will read this message and that you will understand its meaning.

Near noon today, you were born under the master number 11 with numerological indications of clear channeling ability during the time of prophets, the first 16 degrees of the Sun in Pisces. You have a very heavy task and a lot of Work to do, while under the public eye.

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Benefits of Vitamin D3 | Lack of It Can Shorten Your Life

I am not a medical doctor.  Please refer to your physician before beginning any #vitamin supplements.

Recently as I was doing some research on my tablet, while sitting outside in the sun, I recalled how depressed and sad I’d been in a cubicle.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to observe the birds, bees, trees and life as I worked on my next project.  Spirit then spoke to me….

Medical personnel report 100% of all Covid-19 patients who have to be hospitalized have a Vitamin D deficiency.  You should spend time in the sun for optimal life and to attain the benefits of Vitamin D.  Supplements provide minimal, if any, benefit because you must have a certain amount of sunlight — without sunscreen and not through glass — at optimal times during the day. This is the only way. Continue reading Benefits of Vitamin D3 | Lack of It Can Shorten Your Life

Can You Live Forever? Yes. The Only Reason You Don’t Is They Told You Not To.

Who Told You Not to Remain Physically Youthful?

It’s all over the news, in commercials, on magazines and featured in movies. You were told you must age negatively even though your entire biological structure was not meant to. You have altered your normal chemical makeup and regenerative abilities to accomodate what others have told you.

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The Human History Movie

Human history is disjointed, complicated and convoluted. Each society has its own story, and pure truth is difficult to achieve, making what is accepted as truth, silly in light of #DC Comics and Marvel’s renditions of the same. Thanos makes God look really bad because they have too many similarities.

Whatever You Believe to be is Your Truth.

The human mind works as a placebo affect. All is energy, therefore what goes into our ear, eye and other perceptive gates [what we accept as truth] becomes our energy manifesting itself into a super slow field known as mass, carnality, the physical, etc. This slower moving energy system becomes our personal realities.

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