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This e-zine features posts mostly about what is happening in western #culture and #society from a spiritual perspective.  You already know quite a bit is changing today on our spiritual landscape.

Our main contributor, Renee Thomas is an ordained interfaith minister and a lover of all people. She has studied numerous types of spirituality along her journey and ALL have served to reveal truth and clarity about spirit science.

Listed below is more about Renee:

BA [from a nationally accredited college]

Ordained Spiritual Minister with over 15 years experience, which includes standard traditional religious studies; Shamanistic studies; as well as Illuminated Tarot

Initiate 5th Degree of the “Holy Order of the Dove” -Delphi University

Spiritual Counselor – Certified
Delphi University Arthur Ford International Academy
The Church of Wisdom
McCaysville, GA

State Certificate of Completion of 4 CEU
Clinical Evaluation & Case Conceptualization (Psychology)

State Cert. of Completion – 5 CEU FL Certification Board Multicultural Counseling

Cert. of Achievement
Religious Literacy: Traditions & Scriptures / HarvardX

Cert. of Achievement
Hinduism Through Its Scriptures / HarvardX


Omens, Oracles and Prophecies / HarvardX

Dream interpretation is also important in understanding spiritual messages and meanings.  Each person that appears in the dream landscape should be interpreted according to what they mean to the dreamer and to that person’s situatedness.  Listen to your first inner voice.

Renee is a national author AND blogger of spiritual topics and those of personal interest to include, World History, Spirituality, Akashic Records and Gnostic Gospels.  Her book, The Mystic under the pen name Renee Tarot is available on Amazon today and many of her #ebooks are #free to #Kindle #Unlimited subscribers.

You may make appointments for spiritual counseling at .

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AG Enterprises is a multimedia publishing company, that offers many related products, to those who are interested in learning about spiritual evolution.



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