Poetry | Believe

For thousands of years, in the deepest, wet caves, drawings exist there to tell

the stories of shifters, gods of the past, who lived when man’s dreamed prevailed.

Even mythology of eastern Jews brings lore of rams, bulls and eagles;

Seemingly royalty true and pure should be magickal to be considered regal.

But in the dark times of science and metal, human souls have lost their belief,

that thoughts are things and nothing binds; it’s our minds that give us relief.

If you could be shifted into something new, please tell me, what it would be?

With vision expanded surely anything goes, so you are whatever you see.

What is proof, but a man’s theory, which itself can be proven untrue.

I venture to say that most anything goes, and there is no limit in you.

The powers that be (or so they seem) in this world fear most what you could become.

Let’s prove them expired with all of their laws and give them real truth and then some.

Enjoy Your Freedom!

Published by

Renee Thomas

Chief news curator and Editor.

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