Poetry: “I Ain’t Going Back”

Cramped in a cubicle, stressed from the drive;

kid has a fever, surprised that they thrive.

The hustle and bustle, MK Ultra’d group mind

I must escape and leave it behind.

I need my own, won’t make no one else rich

using my mind for a million dollar pitch.

The children will learn the best off all cultures,

the natives, the shamans and not just the vultures.

I rise with the sun and not in the dark,

awaking my family to a walk in the park

to stimulate muscles and energize minds

enjoying all nature and teaching of pines.

Limit I shall, the trap of four walls

relieving at will, whene’er nature calls.

Oh to be free to live and to play.

I ain’t going back, and I have what I say!

Published by

Renee Thomas

Chief news curator and Editor.

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