Benefits of Vitamin D3 | Lack of It Can Shorten Your Life

I am not a medical doctor.  Please refer to your physician before beginning any #vitamin supplements.

Recently as I was doing some research on my tablet, while sitting outside in the sun, I recalled how depressed and sad I’d been in a cubicle.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to observe the birds, bees, trees and life as I worked on my next project.  Spirit then spoke to me….

Medical personnel report 100% of all Covid-19 patients who have to be hospitalized have a Vitamin D deficiency.  You should spend time in the sun for optimal life and to attain the benefits of Vitamin D.  Supplements provide minimal, if any, benefit because you must have a certain amount of sunlight — without sunscreen and not through glass — at optimal times during the day. This is the only way.

The current informational spin is those of recent #African descent, Asians and Indians require up to 25%+ more time in the sunlight than Caucasians because melanin in the skin slows production of Vitamin D. You cannot overdose on Vitamin D that is made in the skin, the body will not allow it.

Use Vitamin D Patches if You Don’t Like Pills


As a result of the recent pandemic, loads of research has gone into Vitamin D and it is being considered more of a fat soluble hormone than a vitamin.  Naturalists say it is best taken as a liquid emulsion with dinner, but professionals do NOT agree exactly what it is.  They just know you need it.

You cannot get the Vitamin D you need from food or supplements – you just cannot! This important vitamin reduces the risk of:

heart disease
depression (the destruction of which will cause you to live life more abundantly)
autoimmune diseases and more

What if the growing incidents of #diabetes in #Blacks, had to do with lack of sun more so than diet. If everyone else in the world is eating primarily starches, why is the prevalence of #diabetes so high in African-Americans? Because Africans have the highest level of sun-blocking melanin and usually do not spend enough time in the sun amongst many other factors to include what doctors have been taught to teach the public.  Mainstream medias depiction of sick African-Americans in pharmaceutical ads on TV also promote placebo side effects and illness!

The current informational construct is that melanated skin takes LONGER to produce vitamin D than skin of lighter tones! Those in tropical climates or in areas closest to the equator have the best chance of getting the correct amount of Vitamin D from the exposure to sunlight.  #VanityLeadstoEarlyDeath

When those of recent #African descent, as well as #Asians, and #Indians avoid the sun like the plague, in order to attain lighter skin, you shorten your #life and negatively affect your health! Check statistics to find out which races live longest. There are many factors, but this is one of them! #EmbraceYourDarkSkin #DoWhatsBestForDarkSkin

Corporations that do not provide time and safe space in direct sunlight (not through glass) for employees, specifically in winter months, shorten their employees’ lives and could potentially increase #healthcare #costs. #Midday is the best time for #sun #exposure.

#Life must be balanced. We cannot let the #fear of #cancer, or the desire to look European (which is fine if you ARE European) keep us out of the sun, but we must also take appropriate precautions based on our skin color and where we live.

Live long and be blessed!

PS — I am a firm believer in getting vitamins as naturally as possible, however for those of you who absolutely cannot spend time in the sun, this book comes highly recommended by those who have read it:

How Not To Die With True High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy: Coimbra’s Protocol and the Secrets of Safe High-Dose Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 Supplementation



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