What Does Karma Really Mean? Tarot Card Focus: Justice

Time (def.) – the mental construct by which we give ourselves clean slates via reincarnation vs living forever and keeping a specific name, ID or driver’s license for all eternity.

Does a Name Change or Being Born in a New Body Really Free Us From the Scales of Justice?

NO, and if not, what does.  We remain in the same soul groups, keep many of our previous lives’ scars as birth marks, and still are required to elevate levels of ourselves that need tweaking, however we do get a new social security number.  However, even our social security number has energy, and it is highly likely that the energy of our new social security number continues with what we had with the old. Hope still remains because it is our current actions that free us from the scales of Justice and past negative karma.

There are Many Roads That Lead to Our Freedom from Incorrect Past Actions.

Magick spells don’t work if they don’t make sense to EehamxEehamx [ad] is the family of energy that exists in and around the entire universe, who reads our actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions in order to bring about our current reality.  We are usually saying something in EVERYTHING we do whether we realize it or not.  This is why mindfulness is vitally important because lack of it will steer us in the wrong direction.

Some say there is no such thing as good or bad……yeah right.  Each action we take is a magick spell that churns the wheels of Justice, therefore we can re-steer ourselves to change outcomes so that they are what we want them to be.

Justice Prevents Wrong Self-Training and Aggrandizement.

Everybody has a limit…that one thing that stops them in their tracks.  Whether we realize it exists or not, Justice knows exactly what it is.  It stops us from saying things like, “I don’t care how what I do affects others, it’s all about me.”  It prevents us from delving down paths of absolute chaos and destruction of the world. It forces us to grow up.

Therefore, there is a Universal Law or Construct that says, “No Man Can Destroy the Earth or Completely Overtake It”, yet people consistently try to overcome this strong Law, which the Eehamx [ad] work hard to oversee and easily protect.  Basically, there’s only so much we can do, but it’s fun to push the limits to see how far we can go…lol.


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