Mars Enters Sagittarius on January 3 2020; Are You Ready?

The Carrier of War and Passion Enters a Sign of Firearms and Sexuality — Who’s Ready?

I think some of you will have to be, but let’s look at this from a more complete perspective to see which other planets will be star players in this space game.  We’ll also decode the numerology and qabalic meanings of the astrological placement and the date.

8 is the Number of New Beginnings, Hope and Forward Movement in Emotions.

Prepare to begin again and be discerning about who you begin with.  The numerology of the day tells us that it is time to start all over again, but the old paradigm must change….no wait….it must be obliterated!  It’s laid out in this numerical sentence or equation…. 1 + 3 + 2 + 2.  A specific individual has a plan and is working diligently to execute it with a group of people, however somebody thinks it’s gone too far and they aren’t ready for change, but that’s okay, just find a new partner.

It also means you’ve done your therapy and you are ready to enter into a new relationship only to realize you still carry baggage from the last relationship.  You  may need to let your first choice go and find someone new before the end of the season so instead of one love, you end up with two.

From a mundane standpoint, this could be a country vs a person or even a political organization that feels a new day must come, no matter what.

Mars Enters Sagittarius in the 12th House — Why So Secretive?

Is this an ambush, undercover work, an intervention?  Why is the god of forthrightness and passion entering Sag in the house of secrets at nightfall.  The good thing about 2020 is the two’s give us foresight so you may want to pay close attention to your dreams.

lilith retrograde in piscesMars trines Lilith retrograde in Pisces and Chiron in Aries so whether or not she’s right (she being Lilith), she sure thinks she is, but Chiron is telling us she may have mental health issues so don’t engage so quickly.  This reminds me of that song ….and I am telling you, I’m not going…lol, but you’re going to have to because you are not ready for love.  I may be lol’ing, but I promise you it won’t be funny when she shows up at your door in a Carrie costume.  You know the beautiful outfit she had on when you broke up with her on New Year’s Eve. You did what you had to do, right?


Heh Qof Zain

From a Pythagorean numerological standpoint, the number 8 is equivalent to the letters H (8), Q (80), Z (800), making it all about the home, emotions in the home where someone comes through the back of the window (heh) towards the back of your head (qof) with a sword (zain)…. I’m trying to make all this sound better, but it is not working with these mystical systems, so let’s try Oracle cards….GEESH!


A Favorable Outcome and Balance Will Eventually Happen, Doesn’t It Always After a Paradigm Shift?  A New Love Begins Between Two People and One of Them Is Underworldly from Another Land.

So yes this new period is coming, and you will FEEL it with every fiber of your being.  Though the sex is off the charts, watch out for undertones of diabolical personalities.  Love is coming, but this first person may not be the one, without more shadow work.  This first treaty, perhaps should not be signed, without editing first.

If it is you who has the issue, perhaps you should work on yourself a bit more before diving into anything new.

In any case, everyone please lock your doors and close the windows because Mars/Lilith is stepping into the building and (S)he is NOT using the public entrance.


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