Aries Take It Easy On Yourself! | December 31, 2019

It is the Last Day of 2019 – YEAH!

Lilith is retrograde 0 deg in Aries and trine Mars meaning you may feel like beating yourself up today for decisions you’ve made and consequences that have not only affected you, but those around you.  Guess what?  Such is life.  You are not the only one who’s made mistakes.

Take the Time to Figure Out What Is Really Happening.

Mental Health has become the hallmark of the new millennium and we are finding that more people than we realize have negative alter egos and issues with thought management.  Yes, a lot of times there’s more than one of you in there, but are the other less dominant personalities serving you or should they be kicked out?  Here’s how you can know you are not being served by energies that are stuck on you:

  1. You anger quickly only to calm down and realize there was no reason to be so mad in the first place.
  2. You continually rehearse things you’ve done wrong or think about offenses someone committed against you in the past.
  3. You feel guilty about moving on from a person who does not serve your life, but only wreaks havoc, so you keep going back to them.
  4. One minute you are feeling fine and seconds later you are overcome with a feeling of dread or fear.
  5. You feel overly tired even after a long night of sleep or wake up feeling like you’ve been in a fight.

The list can go on and on.

Self-Satisfaction is the Rule, Not the Exception.

Generally, you should feel satisfied and content with yourself and with your life.  If you are experiencing the issues above, it could be that you need to hone your gifts of empathy or you may need coaching to help come to terms with a decision you have to make.

How to Deal With Being an Empath

If any of these issues are becoming a true stumbling block that is hindering your life, seek professional help.  After an assessment, people who are trained to assist you will determine if you can benefit from outpatient therapy, spiritual counseling, life coaching or some other form of help.  The key is don’t be miserable when there is help for you and another point of view that will help you to ground yourself and ease up on the self-intimidation.

We did not come to earth with a personal ‘me’ manual so, please understand, we are all winging it and looking towards those who are further down the road than us to offer their advice.

Take good care of yourself and connect with someone else to help you to do that.

Rev. Renee


Cover photo:  Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

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