Jupiter Has Moved Into the 0 Degree Station of Capricorn…

…and we thank Spirit for this movement because many of our male counterparts and male children will seem to regain their senses…lol.  So you thought it was all OVER because your man was acting hopeless.  Think again.  He’s about to pick up the phone and tell you he wants to discuss things.  He was just under a heavy planetary influence, but we have to allow the great Benefic to act up every now and again.  Now that he has it out of his system, we should have all learned good lessons and are due for a 2-1/2 year break.  You can accomplish quite a bit in 2-1/2 years so think in terms of investment/nest eggs.

There is More Than One Meaning for Jupiter in Capricorn, And Many Faces of This Placement Will Evolve.

As the largest heavenly body amongst the planets moves through the Goat, He will take on a variety of faces/characteristics….at least 10 main changes with numerous idiosyncratic features.  I expect a bit of a resurgence of pagan spirituality, even moreso than we’ve experienced since 2008 [isn’t it ironic how YouTube, which started in 2005, was created just in time to help facilitate all of this?]. 

Various other planetary bodies will dance and contend with Jupiter so we need not worry about every configuration just yet.  We will likely experience some of the lowest unemployment rates of the decade, but don’t let the current political regime take credit for the astral placements, which are the true influencers behind the stats.

What Do We Need to Know About Jupiter Right Now Rev. Renee?

What you need to know in order to enhance your life is the following:

  1. Dealing with married men may feel karmic and right, and can be long-term, but won’t end in divorce or remarriage, but will likely strengthen existing marriages so be careful with cheaters.
  2. Use two forms of birth control if you are fertile and don’t want to get pregnant.
  3. If you have been waiting on a life partner with whom to share your world, you need to jump on the next three months energies for long-term couplings.  That means get out there and socialize.
  4. Need a Spirit Guide?  The atmosphere is dense with energy so you can have one, but be ready to make an exchange, even if it is with Jehovah.
  5. Thinking about changing careers or starting a new business.  Ready, set, go, NOW!

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