SCORPIO – A Shift in the Winds of Generational Karma

It Seems this Sun in Scorpio Carries with it the Breaking FREE Of OR Succumbing To Heavy, Generational Karma.

You may require a team of people to help you overcome this, and that is perfectly okay!  In this life we go through things we don’t understand, especially those born under the sign of Scorpio.  I consider people born under the sign of #Scorpio to be some of the strongest people in the world because they often face incredible obstacles at early ages. 

Even people who are in the lives of those born under the sign of Scorpio, sometimes do not understand the trauma and stress that surround them, which means Scorpio is sometimes abandoned or left to fend for themselves.

How Can Scorpios Reduce the Stress That Comes Naturally to Them?

First thing is to ensure that you don’t contribute to it via self sabotage.  With all of the obstacles that are out there, the last thing we need to do is exacerbate things with incorrect thinking, unforgiveness and constant misunderstandings with others due to over sensitivity.  Here are tips to help you to have a better life:

  1. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. What you went through will contribute to your calling to help others.
  2. Allow everyone their being-ness without seeing others’ actions as a personal attack. 
  3. Do not second guess yourself when you have made a clear and well thought-out decision. 
  4. Resist temptation and get help if you need help with the resistance.
  5. Do not overthink life…it is what it is.
  6. Use your intuition gently or it can turn into paranoia.
  7. Be happy — find a comic you like.
  8. Pick your friends wisely..stay away from people with dark, heavy energy.
  9. Learn from bad memories and pain, then let go of it.

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