Working with Archangel Michael, the Angel of Our Defense and Protection!

I Think We Can All Agree That a Beneficial Warrior on Our Side Doesn’t Hurt A Thing!

What I know of Michael the Archangel began in church when we learned about how he leads the Army of God (however you see God to be) and how his energy is that of a Warrior, Protector, Friend and Guide. There are also Archetypal correlations between him and Jesus, in the bible, with regard to their responsibilities in setting captives free!

In the esoteric community, we realize that the Darkness is the other face of The Light and that too much light can be as blinding as the Darkness. Also, we know that the Darkness is necessary to challenge us and help us to face our fears (shadows), however there is an aspect of darkness that comes to defeat, conquer and kill. It is this type of darkness that we must war against and Archangel Michael helps us with that as he responds to our intercessory requests, whether they be made via traditional prayers, confessions, meditations, etc.

My second dealing with Michael is with angel cards that I use periodically, and each message he gives to querents is powerful, timely and much needed! Michael is an aspect in all of us with regard to the Warrior Self, and we must begin to realize that all of the Energies of the Universe can operate in and through us, becoming us and working from the inside out. Many Intuitive Advisors start off as Prayer Warriors and therefore have a close connection to the ‘Michael Energy’ as we assist other with finding remedies for the spiritual things that ail their minds and souls.

For those of you who are christians or who come from a christian background, you were taught about energies early on when learning about Jehovah Nissi, Shalom, Rapha, Jireh, etc. All of this was just an intro to Archetypal personalities that live within us, and that can manifest as powerful deities outside of us in order to aid us in this life and those to come.

If you happen to need the God of Earth, Water, Fire and Air who is manifested as Nissi (our Banner or Warrior), call Archangel Michael and he and his Armies will assist and aid you in all of your endeavors!

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