Take Time for Yourself During the Holidays

Sometimes You Have to Fight in Order To Not Get Caught Up in the Holiday Madness!

As the holidays approach us, you may be faced with a long list of gift recipients from family, friends and work…and you’re trying to figure out how to make it all happen, while being tasteful at the same time. Unfortunately, there is one person that you may have completely forgotten to put on your holiday list….YOU!

I knew a young lady once who said she’d started a personal tradition of buying herself a gift each time she bought one for someone else — this made her gift list shorter, and she was happier. Even though I, admittedly, began doing this myself (lol), I find that it is much more meaningful to take some time off from the shopping treadmill to reflect and do self-care.

When you take yourself out of the traditional holiday rut and rat race, you are really helping others to be grateful for the things they already have because many of those expensive gifts end up in garages and closets within a matter of weeks anyway! What matters is surrounding yourself with close family and friends OR taking a bit of a break to get to know yourself and reflect on where you’re headed to in the future.

Remember to simplify, consolidate, reflect and rest during this holiday season!

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