Let’s Discuss the Art of Being Grateful, and How It Can Affect Your Life!


Initially, I Did Not Understand the Concept of How Gratefulness Could Improve Situations. 

I know this sounds weird, but who was I being grateful to? Not everyone is into mainstream religious traditions or the notion of a big man or woman in the sky who acts in the
stead of a parent. More people these days are beginning to tap into the powerful resources of their inner worlds and the notion of an unseen, Creatively Conscious Field of Energy that exists in the Universe. Even still, let’s say there is no traditional god or goddess other than what our thought processes urge the Field to create. If we are dealing with a neutral Energy or Dark Matter, then does It care whether we are grateful or not?

Even Though the Creative Field is Neutral, It Has Other Qualities Similar to Us.

Most moms are okay with their kids picking and choosing what they want to do around the house, as long as they choose amongst the pre-approved options. This is sort of how Universal Law works.

What happens when one of the children stops to take the time to show us how appreciative they are by telling us how glad they are we got a specific gift for them?  When they give us a genuine smile as they use the gift, or share it with another child, we feel proud and want to bless them with more stuff!

Yes, it makes us want to do all the more for that kid, and we were derived from the Field so It sees situations similarly. Notice there are a number of ways that a child can express gratitude to a parent, and the most powerful is healthy, genuine enjoyment of a thing.

God Consciousness Will Reward Your Good Attitude!

The term God is said to have derived from the German word ‘gudan’, which means ‘to invoke’, and this Intelligence IS actually invoked when It sees the pictures in our minds and feels the energy from our hearts showing how much we enjoy something. The Field then moves through others to show Its approval of us, and It does so in EVERY way that it can express itself — that’s a whole lot of ways!

When I talk about gratefulness for something, I am referring to our expression of a healthy enjoyment of a thing or person and not to the idea of addiction to anything or anyone. Wholesome gratefulness is read as thanksgiving by the Field….at least in my mind.

Perhaps you can try this family exercise: Have everyone take a seat and get quiet. Breathe and clear your thoughts. Then allow that thing or situation that you so appreciate, to come into your mind and the Highly Conscious Creative Energies will morph into whatever person, place or thing that It needs to become in order to bring more of that happiness to you!


Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to offer you!

Many blessings!

Rev. Renee


Ext. 05241298

source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Renee_Tarot/Let-39-s-Discuss-the-Art-of-Being-Grateful–and-How-It-Can-Affect-Your-Life/835698.aspx

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