Seeing One’s Self: The Essence of Shadow Work

Things Happen and We Need Understanding When They Do.

Usually in the course of spiritual counseling, the counselor will receive a contact from a client requesting insight into a situation.  Most often, it is a situation where the client wants to understand what someone else is doing, not realizing that this school we are in, called life, is all about what we create for ourselves.

What Do You Really Want and Why?

Do you really like love or is it unpleasant for you? Has the desire to self-comfort and self-protect overpowered your personal magnetism?  Are you drawing the wrong characters to yourself in order to ensure you continue rejecting them?

When we look deep down inside and take the time to do the shadow work necessary to understand our true selves, it is surprising what comes out.  If we are truly ready to deal with the shadows inside our souls and hearts, then we can see how our aura changes, thereby changing everything around us.

I Don’t Like ‘That’ TAROT Card!

Believe it or not, every single card in the #Tarot is a good one!  That seems ludicrous when you have Death, the Tower, Ten of Swords, Judgment, etc. Each one of the cards is meant to gently guide us to a higher level of gnosis and being’ness’, which ultimately leads to complete inner peace.

Every Reading Should Start With Me.

Here’s a question I don’t get too often: 

“I’m having some problems communicating with my boyfriend.  Can you please do a reading to show me myself and why I am attracting this?” 

WOW!  What a question.

The Oracles love stuff like this because it shows we are serious about our spiritual journey.  It demonstrates how we realize what we are experiencing is simply a reflection of ourselves and if we get us right, everything else will fall into place.  Ready to do some Shadow Work?

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