Cleansing Your Space Is As Important As Eating Your Vegetables!

Good and Questionable Energies Are All Around Us and Sometimes This Calls for a Good Cleansing!

CERN and other spiritual people, to include Christians, have opened the portals to energies that we’d rather not deal with.  People believe in devils and demons, that they themselves have created, and a lot of ‘loose’ energy is out there right now.  These energies were birthed from ‘thoughts’, ‘words’ and ‘deeds’, and they exist without controllers, because their creators usually don’t know what they’ve made.  So how do you keep you home and work spaces clear of all such negativity?  A good cleansing is sometimes in order.

Intention is Everything.

Whether you wipe the dust from your feet after leaving an enemy’s space to rid yourself of their energy or pour salt around your home to keep evil energies out, do it KNOWING exactly what you want the act to accomplish!

Performing rituals just because someone else did one means absolutely nothing to Universal Consciousness without your own intention added to it.  Follow your gut and create your own personal rituals because when you mean to cleanse, your ancestors will whisper in your ear and tell you what to do!

Energy is Chemical and Gaseous; So is Bleach!

You’d be surprised at what a bit of bleach or ammonia can do, but don’t use them together!  Bleach, ammonia, lemon and other natural cleaners can rid your space of wanted enemies and can clean bathroom and kitchen areas where energies like to congregate….around water.  Use general cleaning products to wipe up goo and sticky residue that accumulates to keep your space sparkling clean.  Remember to clean with intention and add calming music to create an appropriate atmosphere while doing so.

Don’t Forget the Corners.

Energy likes to hide in corners, which is why sacred circles are preferred to keep negativity out!  It’s not likely that your house is round so be sure to dust, vacuum, spray, palo santo, frankincense and/or sage every corner of your house while reciting prayers, sacred scripture and mantras of cleansing, light and protection.

What you say is as important as what you spray!

Demand to live in a space that is free from negativity by keeping your thoughts and actions in right order.  Keep negative people out of your home and control energies around them if they have to be in your living area.

Add a nice size calming stone such as amethyst in a prominent place in your home.  People may think it is for decoration, but it can be an investment as well as an added protector sending off positive waves throughout the room.

Remember, it’s your space and nobody (or disembodied person) deserves to be there unless you invite them.

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Rev. Renee


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