Is the Weather Affecting You Energetically? Most Likely It Is.

There Are Scientific Explanations that Explain Energy Shifts in Earth’s Atmosphere, Which Ultimately Affect Our Bodies and Energy Levels.

Our bodies are computers that upload and decode information in a variety of ways.  We upload information via the five known senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. There are also other senses that we are not so knowledgeable about to include the psychic sense as well as ‘atmospheric’ senses. You will soon see that we are not certain who the Controller of all this information really is, but somehow they still know how to communicate with us.

What is the Atmospheric Sense? I Must Go Down a Rabbit Hole to Explain.

Webster’s definition of weather is 1 : the state of the
atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or
storm, clearness or cloudiness. 2 : state or vicissitude of life or
fortune. 3 : disagreeable atmospheric conditions: such as. a : rain,
storm. b : cold air with dampness.

In some ways the atmospheric sense is similar to the psychic sense, which is akin to the five regular physical senses. By this I mean the psychic sense sees, smells feels, hears and tastes, but at much more sensitive frequencies than the known physical senses.  Because the psychic sense is so sensitive, sometimes we don’t use the term ‘sense’, but we use the term ‘perceive’.

Our bodies perceive changes on and in Earth and her surrounding atmosphere such as changes in cloud structure, sunlight, exterior darkness, barometric pressure and these changes affect our moods and physical bodies as we work to decode what is actually happening in the weather.  It is sort of like picking up on Earth’s moods, which will of course affect ours eventually.  Western Astrology and its observations and relationship with Earth’s four seasons are actually based on this concept, because weather changes are very much related to seasonal changes.

Scientists and Meteorologists explain weather conditions by using descriptions like “the wind passes over the ocean’s surface, water evaporates (turns into water vapor) and rises…” but what creates the wind?  Some say changes in barometric pressure causes wind, and some say changes in wind create fluctuations in barometric pressure. 

All of this has to do with air movement, but where does air come from?  Air comes from plants who make it with carbon dioxide, water and the sun.  Where does carbon dioxide come from?  Carbon dioxide comes from Earth’s oceans, soil, plants, animals and volcanoes. Does this mean that she, Earth, is affecting herself?

The Earth, a vital piece of the puzzle, was made by magnetic force and other types of energy and it is expanding. The common core of the Big Bang Theory is that since everything is expanding, it had to start somewhere.   

Science explains this land mass or spaceship we live on using terms such as electrons, protons, neutrons,  and science uses ‘theoretical’ ideas about how they came together and why.  These bodies are held together by what is known as the Strong Force and what is that?  We can continue to break this all down to quarks, bosons, lutons, gluons, etc., but at the end of the day what intelligence created even the most fundamental particle of energy that causes Earth to do what she does?  Science cannot yet CONFIRM this ‘fundamental field’ that creates matter and its Laws or Behaviors. All explanations of the Higgs Boson particle or God Particle, and its field, are theoretical so anything identified as IT is at this point theoretical. 

Even though we can usually guess what happens because of IT, we don’t really know where IT came from or how it devised the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, geometry and astronomy.  This is why meterological science can only forecast, but cannot always confirm what will happen with the weather.

Let’s Get Out of the Rabbit Hole and Back to Life as We Know It.

What we do know is that changes in these particles and the laws (or behaviors) that result from these changes on Earth, affect our weather and our bodies by inducing:

blood pressure changes
Joint pain
blood sugar changes

These four systems are listed because they are ones that can currently be explained by science, but the list above by no means infers these are the ONLY things about us that weather can affect.  As these physical systems change, so does our perception or ability to perceive because as our bodies adjust to Earth’s atmospheric changes, energy is required to restabilize ourselves, thus making us more tired or lethargic, or conversely, more lucid and energetic. Always go to a doctor if you feel ill because they have substances to help you get back to equilibrium.  We call these substances prescriptions.

At the end of the day, Earth’s changes affect us in more ways than we realize and if She has the ability to think and communicate with us at basic levels, then we should perfect processes and laws that can help make this a better world in which to live in by respectfully communicating right back to Her.

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