The Art of Manifestation: What Does It Mean to Pray Now A’Days?

How Has the Concept of Prayer Changed in Our Current Times?

Back in the day, most people envisioned a stern old ‘man’ in the sky who was eager to exact punishment on all that did not do exactly as he commanded. People prayed out of fear and had relationship with this figure out of necessity, whether or not they really liked him. It was more about how much they ‘didn’t like’ the fires of a hell they had been taught about since childhood. Actually, the traditional notion of God is an environmentally learned concept because it is COMPLETELY unnatural for a child to think such things.

Thoughts that are natural for a child are ones that prompt the child to want to be in and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Innocent ones in our society also like to commune sweetly and playfully with the spirits of the ancestors.  When a child wants something, they do not naturally pray to an old man in the sky, they pretend they already have it and act like it is in their ‘NOW’ during play time. Ah, yes this is the natural way.

In many cases, people’s relationships with the ‘ominous figure’ (who was modeled after bad parents) has been predicated on the relationship (or lack thereof) they had with their own physical fathers or on the relationship that their pastor had with his/her own dad — the interaction was highly relative and also based on astrological tendencies owned by the believer.

We wonder why women typically outnumber men in protestant denominations. I have heard men say they have a problem worshipping another man; the concept doesn’t seem very masculine to them. I was in shock when I heard this as I would have never thought of this since I am a woman.

Now that we are in what is considered to be the New Age, how has prayer to the Divine changed and does it even exist anymore?

Prayer has Morphed Into Personal Identification with the Divine and Into the Art of Manifestation

In many cases, those of us who are awakening, or who have already awakened are very conscious of the many dimensions to our existence. We know that the Divine Power is within us and in natural thing, waiting and anticipating our cultivating it so that WE can blossom into full God/Goddesshood!

We know that we must fertilize our imaginations and work the muscle of our visual imagery so that we see clear cut, colorful renditions of what our future holds, vs. shades of gray!

We know that we must learn and master the tools left behind by our creators in order to interpret the signs of the Uni/OmniVerse and to direct our lives according to the perfected inclinations of Superconsciousness and of our Higher Selves. We realize if we are too busy to sit down and imagine, we will never see what we truly desire.

No, prayer has not gone anywhere, but it has morphed into an important skill that requires time and purpose, and that will change our lives. We should definitely be excited about this!

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