There is No Perfect Spiritual System or Life Path, Only the One That Works For You — Learn To Be Okay With That!

Reaching the Age of 18 Marks a Milestone, but There Are Many More Steps to Climb!

There are so many things that we must learn as we live our lives and understand our truths, while unraveling the systems of government, society and families. Some of you are strong, older souls who know how to do this from an early age, but many more people are unsure, and we find that we stumble through life doing what others want us to do, when all it does is contribute to our mental demise.

Make no mistake; you must be VERY strong to overcome the programs of our matrix society and create your own world of happiness and wholeness. This may put you on the journey to desert lands far away or to sandy beaches and roaring oceans, but no matter where it leads you, rest assured you will make mistakes along the way.

No Single Technique Will Get You There

Many religions and philosophies promise techniques that give you the right answers and lead you to inner peace. NONE of these systems can be proven as being correct or the only right way so they all require a walk of faith.

Additionally, I say NO SINGLE technique or practice will get you there so stay open until you put together a hodge-podge package of what works for you as an individual. You will take a little knowledge from here and a bit of wisdom from there and then live your life applying several techniques at various times until you figure it out, only to be challenged by a new elevation or level as you continue on your journey!

Perhaps we won’t ever really figure it all out, but I can say that I have a major engram that rises up whenever anyone tells me, “this is THE WAY!”. I think I’ll keep this engram because it gives me peace of mind that I will always retain my right to continue growing up and putting my truth together in a way that makes sense for me. 🙂

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