How To Find Your True HAPPY!

Life Has A Way of Trying to Scare Us Out of Our Destinies!

As we walk through this 3rd dimension (some are already in the 4th) meeting people who are flawed and facing situations that do not serve us or them, we must learn that we have to utilize tools that help us to keep things moving!

Being grateful or thankful for the little things and laughing at absurdities prevent anger and stagnation. There is another type of spiritual leader that we don’t credit sometimes, but which we sorely need….THE COMEDIAN.

Don’t Forget to Laugh!

Watch, read or listen to something comical today and make sure that you laugh out loud. Whether it be Romantic, Slapstick, Old School or Dry Comedy, listen, laugh, and learn.  Comics are some of the greatest teachers because they’ve had a hard way to go and have learned to laugh at themselves while noticing the subtleties of life.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, and think of an idea grander than you ever have before! You won’t really know what happens until you get to the other side of your fantasy, and if others laugh at you, laugh with them!

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