‘Light’ Living is Extremely Important: It Will Leave You Laughing!

Have You Ever Wanted To Give In To What Was Wrong?

Sometimes it is easy to allow negative feelings and emotions to take over, resulting in your being swept up in a fast current of energy that leads to a destructive event! Perhaps you found out about a colleague gossiping about you at work, or that a partner who you gave your heart to doesn’t return the feelings. These experiences can promote the need for vengeance, especially when they affect hearts and finances, and you may step off the high road and go down the broad path of destruction just to get even. I can say honestly, that it isn’t worth it.

You need someone to talk to about these situations and may even need to dump out some of your frustrations, however there are many ways to do this, i.e. sports, exercise, journaling, prayer, meditation, finding a listening ear, watching a comedy, etc. Take a more constructive route and the Universe will bring justice to balance things out because our Handy Dandy Universal Consciousness knows just how to make sure we experience equilibrium. All we need to do is release the toxicity, focus on ‘right’ living, and let life lead us to laughter while it takes care of all the other stuff.

Discontinue using the phrase ‘life is not fair’ and begin to operate from a mindset that all things are balanced. We have the power to change our surroundings and are improving moment by moment in order to become Co-creators of the highest order!

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