Our Use of Intuition Helps Us Remove Obstacles Out of the Way!

Are You Done Stumbling Through Life’s Obstacle Course?

That inner voice told you to turn right and keep moving, but instead you made a left and dived in, and now the situation has gotten a bit sticky, to say the least, and has landed you right in front of a brick wall. Don’t kick yourself in the shins, just get up, dust off your knees and keep it moving. You learned through matriculation at the School of Hard Knocks, and now you can apply what you learned for the next leg of the journey, because you definitely got the lesson!

Pay Attention to Your Quiet, Inner Voice – It’s Always Speaking!

It is not very loud……at all…..it refuses to yell over your thoughts, others’ voices, social media, work worries, etc. Secondly, it is patient and it will wait until you turn off all that other stuff and are ready to listen to what it has to say. Lastly, even when you want it to say something different, it will continue to preach the same thing!

Initially when you shut down the outside noises of life, you may get a bit nervous….I know I did. Quiet environments are a foreign concept to many in the modern world….lol. However, if you do seek wisdom in silence, soon all the answers will come because the student is ready, so the inner teacher appears. Isn’t it just wonderful how life works, and it is so simple!

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