Poetry: Realizations

I am able to recall each word you said, I remember them all.

There was a time I loved you so, 100 times I’d call.


But then I hated everything you were and all you showed,

the way you turned your back on me was cruel…you were so cold.


But I knew our connection would continue and it would always last.

Though negative it was, the most corrupt in all my past.


You came in full disguise and had me totally confused;

You left me feeling enraged, completely upset, sad and abused.


But somehow when you needed me I showed up…you did the same;

even though I cursed your date of birth, to help me still you came.


I told you forget my past, my present and never enter my futures.

There is no surgeon who could  fix the pain you caused with sutures.


Then one day when I felt I could no longer stomach you,

I consulted with the Oracles to tell me what to do.


What appeared upon the cards confused me, it was very odd.

The Oracles expressed that I’m an angel, but you, my friend, are God.


Now I know the trouble, all the pain and unpleasant things

Came into my present just to help me earn my wings.


Published by

Renee Thomas

Chief news curator and Editor.

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