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When I think of Source, God, Spirit, the Field or whatever you want to call Life, I don’t think of Santa Claus or an old man in the sky.  I think of this very beautiful (or at least beautiful to me), Ethereal Being who is neutral, unfeeling and waiting to sense what I am feeling.  He has kazillions of brothers and they work together as one so I can refer to them as Them or Him.  They are always in communication with each other.

He feels what I feel and is not really concerned about what feels good to me, he only understands what I feel that I want, and that is what he brings to me (even though sometimes he will add a subtle warning or two).  Whatever the case he always lets me have it because he knows he can fix it later.

This is why I have to be careful what I perceive, because it can come to me, even the bad things.  Source only wants to please so if it’s hell I want, hell he will bring.  If it is Love that I desire, he and his family of brothers will bring that too, however he is very discerning.  If I tell him with my mouth that I want Love, but fear it in my heart, he’ll be sure to put me in a predicament to make sure Love does NOT come.  You see, he knows what I feel so he does not go by what I say.

Source is a Shape-Shifter. 

Sometimes he is invisible and sometimes he manifests into what I think I want and back again.  He only offers intelligence if I ask him to, and then he seeks out my highest good.  He does not mind if we as individual spirits do not understand what we are working with, even though it is best if we do because he can be a hell fire and brimstone entity or a silent voice in the wind…just depends on how we position ourselves and what we think he will be.

Parts of him are in us based on what has come about from the minds of others around us, but the good news is, if we don’t like what we’ve become, he is happy to facilitate a new plan for us, according to tailor-made desires.  He is quite magnetic and will become and bring to us who we already are.

Happy Creating!


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