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Apodictic Change In Store During the Rise of the November 2016 Super Moon

The Call for Revolution is Not Going to Go Away — It will Make a Permanent Mark!

In the wee hours of the morning of November 9, 2016, American media projected that Donald Trump would become America’s next president. At that moment, Americans took to the street to protest since Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, won the majority vote.

Hillary did what she had to do, offer a concession speech and ask people to cooperate with Donald Trump. Other political figures followed, urging fellow Americans to do the same, yet Californians reiterated their longstanding intent to secede from the Union.

It was difficult for me to sleep that night.

Not because I favored any particular candidate, but because the news channels were not reporting the same thing as the Astral Energies.

Had Astrology become defunct?

Did the United States and World Powers come up with a secret super weapon to douse the flames of the Ancient Akasha?

That night I realized I was a true child of Astrology, but I was possibly now an orphan because the signs said we were to have a female ruler, however a male had been declared.

What Does All This Mean in the Wake of the Biggest Super Moon since 1948?

American media has a way of squashing beefs and watching everyone go back to normalcy, which is the typical state of affairs in the wake of current, lithium-infused chemtrails, however…..

….from time to time in the history of mankind, Astral Forces and Archetypes will lend their Godlike powers to elevate the human race to Superman/Superwoman status in order to effect change of a higher order than typically possible with regular human abilities. Congratulations readers for this week you find yourself in such times.

When Ferguson, MO erupted, it was in the wake of an August 9, 2014 Super Moon and Mike Brown’s death was timed almost to the moment that the moon was 100% full that Saturday — it was no mere coincidence.

Many thought Ferguson would calm down and go away, however they still stand today as a historic site, have completely changed the policing system in Ferguson and could quite possibly be considered as the inspiration of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Only a Super Moon could fuel such things and lithium can’t do anything about it.

Super Moons Usher in Permanent Change and Radical Movements

Make no mistake: the people’s energy will only be fueled by the upcoming Beaver Moon on November 13th and 14th. The last time a moon was of this size was when Gandhi decided to fast to his death to protest communal violence during the partitioning of India. About four days after the height of the super moon, Ghandi was assassinated while Big Man Jupiter hid in secretive Scorpio to do the deed in the house of death.

Additionally around this Super Moon, a Union was formed in the west between the UK and other European nations; a union, which would become the seeds of NATO, which is alive and well almost 70 years later.

Having said this, please do not underestimate the Energy behind movements that occur this week. The last Super Moon of this size resulted in an assassination of a man who was equated to Jesus, when the Sun sat on a goat and stood with the great Moon while He and Neptune cleaned house. Father Time held hands with the Devil to ensure the deed was permanent.

This year, on the east coast of America, the Sidereal Sun will stand with justice and with the communicator Mercury as Leo the Lion sits in the house of death during an Extra Super Moon. A female Scorpion will have the ear of the people for the long-term, while WarLord Mars shamelessly rides a Goat, a Great Politician, through the streets for the entire world to see.  Meanwhile a controversial,  highly secretive, yet very rich Chironic Healer steers the wheel and grants free license to a Lilithian Woman who has a high-profile career in the legal field. That’s what I see.

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