Re-Embrace True Love Day – September 23rd

It’s that time again for ReEmbrace True Love Day coming September 23, 2016!

Diamonds & Pearls

Bring Back the Love!

September 23, 2015 — Re-Embrace True ‪#‎Love‬ Day

Symbol: The White Lily (as given in a dream on 9/10/15)

Theme:  If God/Goddess is Love, and I am God/Goddess, then I am Love, the greatest Force in the Universe.

Song:  The Greatest Love of All – George Benson

The Balance of Love  — Poem by Renee Tarot

Though the dark is needed to exist beside the light,
the latter also must thrive and remain before our sight.

Balance is necessity, it breeds a calmer sea.
Focus too much on one side and peace will cease to be.

For myself I ask to see good life as once before,
making choices that enrich and fill me to the core.

Sensitivity I welcome you — before me reappear,
cleanse the organs of deceit, wipe them pure and clear.



lilyOn September 23, 2015, let us re-embrace true…

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