Dreams: The Elephants are Here?

my elephantOne good thing about recording dreams is that we can remember them, put them together with other dream messages to create sentences and understand the energy world and it’s underlying messages to us.

Two months ago I recorded the dream that I call ‘Jurassic Dreams’ where an elephant with horns came to my futuristic home with a dinosaur/dragon.  I willed him not to break the windows of my home and he left.  I am beginning to think that was in the past and not the future.

Something told my mind to look at the numerology of today’s dream date and the last.  They were both 17, which equals 8.  New beginnings – hmmmm……

Dream:  The Elephants are Coming! 5/21/2016

I am outside in the sun with  3 to 4 white men who appeared to be in their 30s or early 40s.  We are walking somewhere on a dirt road with tumbleweed type plants all around us and forest along the boundary of the area in which we are traveling.

I don’t know where we are going, but I do know that they know where we are going and they know me — it may have been some type of safari.  A young, wild, normally-colored elephant runs out of the forest and I immediately think, “We are in Africa.”  Some of the men are way ahead of me and they are leading the way.  The elephant charges toward them with every intention of stomping and crushing them and they begin to run for their lives.

The man that was with me ran toward them to help, and I stood there and watched because I felt the elephant was not there to attack me?

Upon waking, my strange, but initial thought was how many wild animals were killed in the Americas so that men could settle here?  How many species did we lose?  I knew that if my traveling companions had had guns, my elephant would have been toast.

Waking Life Parallels

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Ganesha statue in a store.  I looked at it and decided not to get it because I already have an elephant, which represents this archetype on my altar.

A couple of weeks ago, while searching for jade, I saw a man elephant on Amazon and it had six arms, which looked like they were reaching back toward the ground.  Initially I didn’t know if it was a bunch of snakes or what.  When I looked more closely, I saw it had the head of an elephant and the body of a man, only with six arms.  I cannot find it on Amazon today.

Yesterday I was watching Nollywood and the witches battle against the church.  I asked aloud, who is the real God?  I know that many worship nature and the earth is a power creature that worships Ra (Re), but who created Ra? It has to be someone other than just Consciousness.

In any case, the elephants are reaching out so I will reach back.



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