lemonadeThis was inspired by Beyonce’s Lemonade, and the generational curse, which inspired IT…..true art has the effect of inspiring others…


When I come home dat day an seent massa on top a yus, i was so hurt I din kare whare he sunt me.  Allz I knowd iz I had to fine a way to getz over it and I prayd to God in hebbin dat he’d sen me fah away, but I din tell you. When I wuz inside yo I felt like I was too close to him. I felt dutty. Like you w’un mines no moe.

I din tell you he made me lay wid Esmerella to get dat picaninny eetha, but you knowd it when you seent him, but I still lyed.

You knowed it, and when I seent de teers in yo I’s, i new yo felt dutty too and me bein mad wuz jes gon make it worsa…you had yo own paine, but I still had mines.

I ‘memba it wuz Oktobuh and startin to get cold…I wuz on my las leg of de las pair of leggins dat Massa gabe me at de start of de year. Dey’s so raggedy dat one leg was long n de othah you cut shawt.

I werked in de field all dat day n ended up wid 4 licks from de cat-o-nine tail (foe bein tired), but thew all dat, I know’d I wuz comin home to you…..and win I walked thew de doe, dare he wuz on top o ya.

I knewed it w’un yo fault, but I wuz still mad at chu ‘cuz it wusnt nothin I could do.  Itz 2016 and I’m still mad at chu cuz you couldn pray hard enuff to keep him offa ya eben doe yo alwaze talkin about dem remdies from Aprica…..but yo couldn keep him off ya….mayhaps you din want to.

Him looked up at me and said, “Coffey, getcho black azz outta heah!” Eben doe he knowed we dun jumpt da broom!

I din nebba wanna see yo again, but as I been bone and rebone thew dese years, I come to rekonize……

….that it wasn’t your fault.  You were just as much a victim as I was, as was my father, as was my mother, this nasty, filthiness that somehow continues to rebirth itself inside of us was not your fault.  I realize now and ask you for your forgiveness.

I am coming back home to stay, and this time I am not going anywhere, but with you. I will stay intoxicated by the scent of your body and keep my fingers entangled in your hair and another woman I will not see because I know she does not belong to me…..but to my brother so I let her be…’cause I already have mine, which is what you be.

I have exorcised the demons of helplessness and no longer need to validate my manhood ‘twixt the thighs of the many, but I exalt my love (and myself) within the depths of the only….that being you.

I declare that we will raise our family; just as it should be; with some sadness, but mostly happy;  in the Sun of our God  Who hears our plea; and says, “I side with thee,”; we will always be; from now until eternity……

I have received my healing and now walk uprightly…..with thee.