Ms. Renee Tarot strolled through her garden outside the main palace, and little children came up to her and played at her feet, laughing and skipping amongst the fruit trees and flowers. 
One of them looked up and asked the wise sage, “Ms. Renee Tarot, please tell us of your wisdom.  Which nation was born to be slaves.”
Ms. Renee Tarot sat on a large stone in the midst of the garden, and the children sat also, in attention. 
She answered and said unto them, “Following are the twelve commandments and laws of a nation who was born to remain in slavery!”…

The Twelve Commandments of People Who Were Born to be Slaves

  1. Thou shalt have a God that does NOT look like thine own people, but thy God shall be of another race and be perceived as human.
  2. Thou shalt be naturally afraid.
  3. Thou shalt NOT come together for a common cause.
  4. Thou shalt NOT follow a leader without uprising and traitors.
  5. Thine own men shall want to be women.
  6. Thine own women shall want to be men.
  7. Jealousy shall be a natural occurrence amongst thee.
  8. Thou shalt hate thine own selves, but worship every other nation.
  9. Thou shalt be lazy.
  10. Thou shalt hate thy mothers and fathers (which shall cause thee to hate thine own spouses and children).
  11. Thou shalt be lustful and lack morality, blaming everyone, but thine own selves.
  12. Thou shalt NOT be proud of the traditions and heritage of thy forefathers, but shall long for the traditions of other nations.

Listen and know well, these are the ways and commandments of a people or nation that is meant to remain in slavery for all time.