Ode to a King named Prince

True Story:

It was 1979…..

I lived in a townhome called ‘Sahara’ and sometimes I definitely felt like I was in the desert. My girlfriend told me she had something extremely important to show me, and that it would change my life, but I had to come to her house first…..

The Beginning

….Well, I knew that ‘Rose’ (name changed to protect the innocent) had a very strict black mama who worked at night, was single, and was trying to make it by living with her daughter (Rose), Rose’s aunt and her aunt’s son Dinky.  You know how we had to do it back in the day when we were not paid fairly for the work we did. Actually, we are still doing it today…..black women sticking together to make it in America.

Anyhoo, Rose told me that her mom was asleep so I had to be extremely quiet, and if we were extra quiet, all would be well.

The Experience – His Profession of Love

stereo setWe walked into the dimly lit townhome, which was nicely furnished in 70’s African-American, Feng Shui with the smell of incense and deep, red colors; shag carpet; and plastic jewels hanging from the doorway leading into the dining room…..you know the ones.

Rose led me to a floor model component set with a turn table and carefully reached in and pulled out an album.  She turned down the volume, so as not to wake her mama, and begin playing I Wanna Be Your Lover.


It was the first time in the history of me that I fell madly in love with a song from the moment I heard it.  I asked to see the album and the love was finalized. I thanked Rose because I lived in a very strict COGIC household where secular music was not allowed.

I later continued to love this man, his music, his lyrics, his beauty, his movies, his words, his character and even had a dream once that he rescued me from attack by coming in a purple helicopter and letting down a ladder so that I could escape.  Real talk.

Until Next Time My Prince

I feel in my soul that he is happy.  He left this dimension doing what he wanted to do. He is a higher level being and will return to this plane at the appointed time.  I do hope that when that happens, we have a closer relationship.



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