Jurassic Jreams

So I have been practicing this phenomenon called ‘get more sleep’…..

The Dream

Me and the childhood fam are in a large, round, white, futuristic house.  The house is on legs and has a window circling its exterior.

I look out the window and see dinosaurs and elephants with horns.  I am thinking how glad I am to be inside, then one of the elephants taps the window with its horns.

I mentally beg the elephant to please go away because if he breaks the glass, we’re dinosaur lunch.  He seems to hear me and moseys on.

I look out the window and see baby crocs with wings.  These babes stand on their hind legs and I realize they are dragons.

I wake up with the following questions:

  1. How come I never saw an elephant with unicorn horns pic?
  2. How come most of the unicorn-horn type animals are extinct?
  3. Are we living in a circular dimension, meaning present, past, future, present, past, future, etc?
  4. Is there another planet with dinosaurs or dragons on it right now because if you can breathe fire, you can definitely live near it?


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