15 Things You Need to Know About The Darkness from Renee Tarot, Author of the Upcoming Occult Thriller, “Embracing the Darkness”

The average person cannot pull the switch on an executioner’s  chair, specifically when someone is sitting in it. Many cannot find entertainment in bloody, murderous slashers. Others cannot find beauty in the monstrous visitors of the night. However, some of us can and do.

So you think you’re ready to dress in goth and star in your own reality, horror flick, huh?

There is a Place and Purpose for the Darkness

If you are like me, you spent many years trying to be a person of the light, whatever that is. Because you are intuitive, you discovered that many people lie and pretend to be who they are not, and those who could be considered ‘good’, are few and far between. You have discovered that most surface dwellers are either matrix-monkeys or easily programmable, middle to lower class fillers.

You know there is another ‘kind’ that is considered a priest or priestess of the darkness, but before I offer clues into their lifestyles, understand what the darkness is and what it is not.

It is the same as the light, though a polar opposite. By opposite, I mean it has a separate purpose, though needful it is. Simple minds want to automatically assume that it is for evil purposes, however this is far from truthful. No one can live healthily on desserts alone. Too much light is blinding, as is too much darkness, however certain situations require more darkness than light.

I am not referring to blackness, which is the indigenous practitioner or church pastor who scares congregations out of their money and time.  The true darkness is responsible for restraint, retribution, vengeance, teaching, discipline, courage, protection, control, judgement and valor.  How many war heroes do you know who never drew blood or killed hundreds? Do you not need them still?

Do not mistake the dark lords as being conduits or perpetuators of evil……we leave that to the ones who pretend to be of the light. True dark lords know and follow Universal Law and because of their very, high ethics, they have been given special permission to protect it. They are honest about their virtues and flaws, fully revealing them to the public. They choose not to hide.

Clues that You May be Called to the Darkness

  1. Your parents have odd stories about your infancy, and how you acted much more lucid and mature than the average newborn.
  2. Your astrological chart shows major planets, and most likely a stellium in the 12th house……and you actually know what a stellium is.
  3. You are constantly being introduced to people who require correction, and they usually get it after they meet you.
  4. Most adults are afraid of you and try to avoid you.
  5. Children and animals love you.
  6. You find strength in being alone and are highly empathic.
  7. You are drawn to nature, magick or other spiritual systems, and have been since you were a child. Yes, some of these people are in the church.
  8. You began seeing incarnates at an early age, and soon learned to embrace them.
  9. People who are deemed unattractive by regular society are beautiful to you.
  10. You love horror flicks.
  11. You have night dreams of saving people or obliterating destructive forces.
  12. You are not afraid of people that most others fear.
  13. You see the manifestation of your prayers within 24 hours, and wear some type of talisman.
  14. You cannot tell people everything that you know, especially what has been revealed to you by non-incarnates.
  15. You find it difficult to keep love relationships, noting that there is usually only one that you can be with long-term.

If over 3/4 of these characteristics describe you, it may be time to embrace the darkness, taking comfort in the fact that what it is truly, is not what the average joe makes it out to be.


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