Astrological Insights: When Will I Die: More about Murder Transits and other Unfortunate Events

Dream Record: Dream Occurred 11/25/14 approx 7 amMany of my followers know how I operate, meaning I may do 2 – 3 blog posts in a day and then nothing for a week or two.  The reason for this is that I do not ascribe to the practice of writing just to be writing, but I try to write when I am inspired or when I have a dream worth writing about or when I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time alone. 

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I have previously addressed murder transits in Astrology because they fascinate me.  You can learn a lot about planetary energies in any chart by understanding how they behave in death charts.  Keep in mind certain transits in your horoscope do not mean you will die, however it is highly likely that you will feel the effects of particular transits days prior, during and days after the actual transit. 

MisInterpretations of Astrology

There are always numerous interpretations of astrological precepts and many of them could have merit on dual levels (macro [archetypal] and micro [people and personal relationships]), however in my opinion there are many interpretations that are so intuitively incorrect that I do not understand how the writer came up with them.  The best way to understand astrology, if you cannot read hieroglyphics and don’t have access to the pyramids or the places where the stolen writings of the pyramids are, is to review actual events that have occurred in your own life and personify each astral body to determine their influences and how they work based on what YOU KNOW happened during said event.  You will most like likely need software for this, which allows you to go back into times past to easily determine previous transits.

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I am going to use people I know personally, as well as one well known person to provide my own interpretation of murder and other types of death and tragedy transits. The problem with using celebrities is that many of them do not provide accurate info about their birth dates and years so I will stick to figures who have birth and death times that are most accurate.

Warning:  This is how I see Astrology and it may not go hand in hand with your own personal interpretations.

How I Read Personal Horoscope Transits

When reading personal horoscopes such as the ones below, I picture the planets and astral bodies as Archetypes or Gods/Goddesses who are discussing the person’s life and how it should play out.  In my mind, the person may have asked for certain things prior to birth, however I PERSONALLY BELIEVE that these things can be changed as the person transits through their life and the astral bodies will speed up or slow down to effect this change.  Yes, you can change time and just because your clock says 3 pm, does not mean it is actually 3 pm, because if someone is strong enough to change time, each minute could be twice as long and it could be Thursday instead of Wednesday and your watch won’t know because it was affected by energy.  How many times have you experienced an extra long day or an extra warm winter or a cooler spring?  These are just my beliefs.

When reading composite or synastry charts, I see the planets and astral bodies as representing the individuals themselves.

Death Transits

Peace in the Midst of Transition

EXAMPLE 1:  A Woman Passes Away Peacefully Due to Congestive Heart Failure

A particular person in my life passed away under the following natal transits.  These transits occurred on the day of her death:

Neptune Sextile Moon Orb 0°36′
Neptune Square Mercury Orb 2°03′
Saturn Trine Moon Orb 0°19′
Jupiter Trine Sun Orb 0°38′
Jupiter Trine Saturn Orb 1°48′
Jupiter Opposite Jupiter Orb 1°52′
Mars Square Jupiter Orb 0°30′
Mercury Sextile Sun Orb 1°41′
Sun Square Mars Orb 0°24′
Moon Opposite Mercury Orb 1°04′
Moon Trine Uranus Orb 2°01′
Moon Trine Venus Orb 2°23′
Lilith Sextile Mercury Orb 0°03′
Lilith Trine Uranus Orb 0°53′
Lilith Trine Venus Orb 1°15′
Node Square Neptune Orb 0°27′
Node Trine Pluto Orb 1°21′
Chiron Conjunction Mars Orb 2°34′

It is said that when a slow moving planet, a fast moving planet and the moon are transiting each other, there is going to be an important event that many times is not so positive at the time that it occurs.

This person was an elderly female who loved her husband and family dearly, however emotionally she was ready for the change (Moon trine Uranus) and close family and friends were around her singing hymns the moment of her departure to include her feisty daughter (Lilith trine Venus) and other friends who were there to have a prayer service with her and to sing some of her favorite songs (Mercury sextile the Sun (singing in the 4th house of Home and Family)).  Immediately after the song, she took her last breath and passed away peacefully (Jupiter and Sun square Mars meaning the Sun did not allow Violence to take her that way  and Jupiter acted as the valiant knight undergirding the Sun).  Chiron the healer was there to keep Mars calm and in check also (Chiron conjunct Mars in orderly Virgo nestled in the 1st house of what the public sees).  All of the harsher less placid guys like Mars, Pluto and Uranus were comforted and kept cool by positive aspects with major players and good house placements.  Pluto was residing in Scorpio where he could have really acted up, however with Scorpio and Pluto energies nestled in the 3rd house of communication and friends, Sir Dark Lord was kept in check by love influences coming from the community at large.  Isn’t that lovely?

The cause of death took place a couple of days prior to the actual death with no major personal transits that month prior to the 7th.  In my opinion, the cause was expressed by aspects between the planets Uranus, Neptune, Venus and the Moon.  Neptune, a watery planet signifies the congestive heart failure that caused the death  — possibly signifying a rupture of some sort or just the heart had had enough due to some bad news or the way someone had treated her that day. Neptune resided in Capricorn with Uranus in the 5th house of self expression and children, or what one creates, which testifies to the fact that this woman was ready to make her choice and take her journey on her own terms.

On the day of the woman’s death, Neptune squared Mercury possibly making it hard to catch her breath for singing and the King of the Waters (Neptune) also squared ASC meaning that it was not really her time, but Neptune convinced the others to let him have her because he thought that was what she wanted.  They agreed on the grounds that he would wait until they could stand in place to allow her to go peacefully. Please don’t be mad at King Neptune because he only did what the subconscious told him to do via the heart-felt feelings and images that she must have undoubtedly relayed to the subconscious to manifest.  He was just carrying out the orders, but why was Neptune so ready to do what others were against?  I think Neptune expresses our deep, unspoken fantasies and desires, however morbid they are.  Sometimes people are just ready whether they tell you or not.

Lesson learned:  This woman was subject to a lot of ‘heart’ hurts and emotional let downs during her lifetime, which subconsciously and energetically paved the way to the heart disease and her passing before her time because the Ascendant (her main future [rightful time], where she was headed in life) was not in accord with the death date (Node square Neptune).

Guard your hearts for out of it flows the issues of life. Long-term hurt kills prematurely and ultimately you will get what you secretly desire.

A Fiery Violent Death for All to See

EXAMPLE 2:  A Man is Shot to Death in Public

It stands to reason that this death was unexpected, however on the day of the death, and more specifically, at the time of death, the Moon transited numerous planets to include Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Mars and Uranus.  Pluto got the added oomph He needed by coming in through the back door, aligning with Mars who WAS in fact empowered by a moment in time (the Moon). This could not be a long term illness — Pluto only had a few minutes.

Jupiter, a very major player, voted against this event on many levels.  He/She was against the sudden change and was with Saturn in prolonging life and wanted Chiron to come and bring healing, however Jupiter was outnumbered by more powerful players and the fact that this was a Super Moon so there are times when the Moon can even outvote Jupiter who happened to be ganged up on when he/she was not in the best of moods in a first house Leo placement.

Pluto Trine Mars Orb 1°54′
Neptune Trine Moon Orb 0°18′
Uranus Square Jupiter Orb 0°52′
Saturn Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°17′
Jupiter Trine Saturn Orb 0°45′
Jupiter Opposite Uranus Orb 0°51′
Mars Trine Moon Orb 1°37′
Venus Opposite Neptune Orb 0°48′
Moon Sextile Pluto Orb 0°12′
Moon Trine Sun Orb 2°03′
Moon Conjunction Uranus Orb 2°31′
Lilith Square Mercury Orb 1°48′
Chiron Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°33′

Adding fire to the flame, the Sun joined Jupiter, Mercury, Lilith and the Ascendant in the 1st (public) House in tempestuous Leo (a first house Leo Stellium during a Super Moon — man oh man).  Now what this says to me is that the Big Poppa of all (the Sun) had to sign in on the decision for this person to die a fiery, angry death in the public eye, but how does Lilith play into this and why did she have to sign off on it? Also, when I see an Ascendant signing off, this is the correct time and being in the public eye, there was something that this death was suppose to accomplish. Intuitively I feel, since this death occurred when it was suppose to, this person arrived with a spirit guide who had to agree with his life choice in order for it to take place.  What this says is no matter how menial the planet or astral body, with the right placements and a lot of Love, any planetary body has major say so.

From a micro perspective and taking human relationships into account someone was not listening to Lilith (square Mercury) and I really do not want to speculate on that, but I will say there is nothing that is hidden in the dark and it is possible that some woman, or love interest put someone in a not so good mood to help facilitate these events — just my opinion. Additionally, this Lilith could have been an influence on the killer’s side, however this is the chart of the deceased.

Now I will also say, this goes to show that one or two planets negatively aspected in a chart does not necessarily indicate death because if these planets had been in Pisces in the 7th or Cancer in the 5th houses, they could have turned into a divorce or miscarriage, or a tragic incident that did not end in death, etc. Also, if the moon had not been full, the effects could have been lessened so there is a lot that goes into this to include:

How many planets are involved?

Who are the players and are they arguing or getting along?

Are major players prevented from offering positive influences?

Where is the playing field [which house]?

What are the emotions (moon phase)?

Are there any other astral influences standing nearby (Lilith, Chiron, Asc, Ceres, etc.)?

If this were my chart, could I hide at home in bed for a week and prevent any of this?

Do astral bodies travel at a constant speed or can they arrange themselves at will to speed up or slow down and be where you need them to be? [I addressed this earlier.]

Numerology note:  I have seen deaths on days where the date numerology added up to be 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 so there are too many explanations that could resolve a day of death numerologically, therefore I typically no longer look at that. However I am sure that someone could take numerological calculations of the deceased, along with a date’s numerology and come up with something, but why do that when the planetary bodies are already saying so much.

Near Death Occurrence

Saved by the Power of Love

EXAMPLE 3:  An Elderly Man Over 70  Has a Stroke

The following natal transits were in effect when a man I know personally suffered a stroke.  Pay attention because there are some interesting things that I noticed that most likely saved him:

Pluto Square Venus Orb 0°29′
Neptune Square Uranus Orb 0°15′
Neptune Square Moon Orb 1°30′
Uranus Trine Pluto Orb 1°52′
Uranus Opposite Venus Orb 2°05′
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn Orb 0°36′
Jupiter Trine Mercury Orb 1°20′
Jupiter Trine Venus Orb 1°44′
Mars Opposite Sun Orb 0°04′
Mars Opposite Mars Orb 2°27′
Venus Opposite Sun Orb 0°17′
Venus Opposite Mars Orb 2°14′
Sun Opposite Mars Orb 0°04′
Sun Opposite Sun Orb 2°35′
Moon Square Uranus Orb 1°18′
Lilith Trine Mars Orb 1°19′
Lilith Trine Mercury Orb 1°39′
Chiron Square Saturn Orb 0°31′

With all the harsh alignments going on and even with Chiron the healer going head to head with Father/Mother Time (Chiron square Saturn), the Sun’s and Mars’ minds were not made up (Sun opposite Sun / Mars opposite Mars) as they hashed it out in Aries, but in the 5th house….hmmmm.  This goes back to what I was saying earlier about how important the actual placements are and how houses such as the 7th and 5th can actually turn situations around.

Additionally the Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron were meeting in calm Piscean waters in the 4th house of family, which sometimes can stand for the father and sometimes for the mother, however with the Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune, I am almost positive it was the mother figure and possibly his wife, who I know for a fact has healing abilities and is given to prayer.

I don’t know of a better example of prayer on a specific date in a chart than the Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron sitting with Pisces.   LOL….death didn’t have much of a chance here, did it!  Love (Venus) was able to muster enough power to withstand death (square Pluto and opposite Uranus) by getting just a bit of help from Big Brother (trine Jupiter).  Whoa!  Venus shows what she can do when she wants something doesn’t she!

In this case, the Archetypes played out in their own strengths, as well as certain humans tapping into the Archetype’s strengths and though this event happened a couple of years ago, this man is still alive today.

So What Does It All Mean

What it means is that there are a lot of things that go into whether or not you will meet your maker sooner rather than later.  In the last incident, perhaps the prayers of the wife motivated this event to occur during a time where she could ward off death.  It is likely that she would have had to negotiate this prior to life, but who says you cannot negotiate these things after being born?

When you pray or do rituals to set yourself against certain negative events like untimely deaths, disease, unfortunate incidents like going to prison, etc., the energies of the planets and astral bodies may align with you to prevent unfortunate happenings like in example 3 or to provide the peace of mind you need during them as in example 1.

Peace and Love,


3 comments on “Astrological Insights: When Will I Die: More about Murder Transits and other Unfortunate Events

  1. I’m about to have uranus oppose every single one of my planets slowly over the next coming years with my planets all close together. This will affect 11th house with uranus opposing the 5th and then next my 12th house with uranus opposing my 6th. If I make it through all of that I will maybe reach the square aswell. The outcome seeme bleak to me. Not sure how I’ll get through this one


  2. What a fab interesting article! I love the way you personify the planets and demonstrate how they act as archetypes in our dramas. All those who love astrology intuitively appreciate this. I am also interested in how much we can influence our personal Fate through an understanding of planetary transits. Cheers.


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