The Real Truth About Love and the Secret of Happiness

If I was a Universal Judge that was tasked with determining whether or not the people in my world knew what love is (to include me), my judgement would be not so favorable…

Love is a Second and Third Person Word that We Have Totally Twisted

It is about her, him, she, them, you, but not me — not in the slightest bit.

Love is not:

Please don’t die because I don’t want to be alone.

Love is not:

Wow, you are so sexy and desirable, I want to ……

Love is not:

I am going to pick up after you and spoil you so that you don’t leave me.  (That’s actually desperation.)

What love is about is what can I do for you and give to you that will not put me in harm’s way, persay, but will result in a fulfillment that I will experience just from giving and nourishing you.

Sometimes putting yourself in harm’s way for a person is duty, which is a high form of love, but not the type I am referring to here so we must not get the terms or energies confused.  Putting your child in harm’s way so that you can keep a man is NOT love.

Also, (changing persons for just a moment) love is not about buying people things so that they can love ME more, and it’s not about cooking a great meal so that I can be complimented and perhaps have a meal cooked for ME in return.  Love is not about ME, it’s about you and the magick happens when somehow, without looking for something in return, you receive something indescribably delicious as a result of your desire to simply give to me and that indescribably delicious something does not come from me.

Motives for Love and the Truth about Monogamy

Always check your motives for everything you do. The truth is, if I really love the ex that broke my heart, I’d just want him to find himself and true happiness, with whomever is the best person for his ascension.  I’m workin’ on that type of love….lol.

Love is not monogamy.  Back in the day, men were lawfully required to love ALL their wives and to equally distribute inheritances amongst them, which is still the case in some countries.  The idea of being in love with ONE person for a lifetime was and is a foreign concept for most humans at a deeply biological and primal level.

I honestly think the concept of monogamy is merely due to the lack of tyrinase.  Tyrinase is an enzyme that produces melanin, which in turn produces a dopamine-type affect in the brain or a ‘happy chemical’ of sorts.  Without this chemical, we look to people and outside influences to entertain us or to keep us pepped up and a break-up could cause one to be suicidal.  Hormones aggravate the need for this dopamine effect, therefore, I hypothesize that monogamy is neither biologically normal, nor a desirable state for the procreation of mankind or the social wellbeing of the world at large — it is merely a consequence of a chemical defect.  Monogamy has actually bred a culture of brokenness, divorce, unhappiness, suicide, heart break, selfishness and disillusionment.  Monogamy is not for everyone and it is not love.

It’s Time to Get Back to Truth

If you are in a state of doldrums because a loved one passed away from a painful illness and left you all alone, it is likely that selfishness has presupposed love to some degree, because the feelings of happiness and relief you should feel when they are released from suffering do not override feelings of what You lost.  Let’s check the motives for what we do and why. We must get back to our purpose and understanding WHY ARE WE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE????

The Secret of Love and Happiness

People, humans, etc., cannot make you feel loved because no matter how much you do for them or they do for you, you’ll always question how long it will last, or why they did it, or if they really meant it, or how will I survive when they leave, etc.  Someone’s compliments can build your ego, however they are not akin to love because they can’t be unless you are giving said compliments to someone else and looking for nothing in return.

The #secret of the happiness that comes from real love is that love breeds an invisible creation of intense energy that occurs in a spontaneous, ethereal, stem cell moment as a result of what you unselfishly do for others.  No one can bring to you these feelings of love because it is not about what you can get — it is about pure and complete selflessness and the euphoria that only this selflessness can create, and which the universe itself will give to  you.  If you operate in pure love, you shouldn’t even need what someone else gives you to attain a state of happiness because your acts of unselfish love and kindness will provide you all the happiness you need.


PS – I am not sure who took the featured pic, but I think it represents a truth about love.

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