When I was a girl, I did NOT celebrate the 4th of July because……African-Americans weren’t free…duh!

Let’s Get Right to the Point Before I Forget Everything Flooding Through My Head Right Now

With over 50% of the students in primary and secondary schools being African American, Latino and Asian, it is time for a new curriculum in America.  No longer should students be forced to sit through the burdensome task of learning how the white man cheated the Natives or enslaved the Black man, nor should the white man be turned into Superman while other cultures and leaders are demonized.  As in every culture in the history of the world, the white man’s captivity and ills will be a thing of the past as they dwindle to less than 9% of the population in just a few years.  You will see it in your life time, which is why we need Asian, Latino, Black and White teachers in equal proportions.

History and World Politics

I will reiterate it is time to tell the truth and stop slanting history to make the white man look like Superman and make a villain out of Garvey and Chavez.  We no longer want the white man’s ‘All For Me and Mine / Everyone Else Must be Infested with Pox’ teachings.  We need to go back prior to slavery and give the Native American story more respect. We need to talk about the tribes that were here and what they taught each other, as well as show photos of the Black as well as Asiatic Natives.

We need to tell them that Muskogee means Ugly Monkey in Portuguese, I mean do you want to live in Ugly Monkey County, they may decide to change the name….and they should?  We need to teach them about the words and names of things that remain from the native cultures.

We need to talk about the archaeological findings in the Americas that date back to Egyptian (Kemet), Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Chi and Nok cultures and we need to let the children know that there were race wars prior to the whites between the black and red indians because the blacks were already here too.  This can be proven by tracing language, much as you use DNA and by using the human genome project findings.  We need to reveal the truth about the fact that there was no way to get such populations of blacks here on those ships and the differences in the prevalence of African bloodlines, sickle cell traits, etc., help to prove that we are not completely African, but only of distant African descent.

We need to tell them the truth about how the lighter skinned Natives helped the Whites enslave the black Natives by serving as scouts against neighboring tribes in exchange for special favors, but how when the white man turned on them, they tried to reunite in Florida, leaving one leader standing and his people still there.

We need to talk about how the white man lied to the natives and invited them to treaty meetings, just to kill them and how they are known as being greedy and taking back their promises when the Indians wanted to share with them.  Don’t get mad…..it’s a pretty ugly history for everybody else.

We need to give them the names of the tribes before they were changed by the Spaniards and Portuguese and we need to take them on tours of the reservations to see how these prison camps and people are now being treated so that they can be prompted to make changes.

We need to tell them the truth about the Indian War and ditch the current school books for reference notes and papers that have been researched by PhDs, bloggers and news reporters throughout the world.  The Native American reservations have material as well as the African American and government archives.

You can tell them what happened when the British arrived, however there were many more people here than that and their story needs to be told as well.

We also need to begin introducing students to the histories of the islands in the Carribe and not leave it to them to study on their own like I had to.

Bring in important histories related to Vietnam, China, Korea, Latin America and the Motherland and provide information about great inventions submitted by each culture.  Currently Caucasians tout themselves as being great inventors, however most of the patent ideas were stolen from their servants, speaking of which, students need to be given a preliminary training on how to record and protect their ideas.

Speak about the Diaspora in terms of Kemet, provide the truth about the migration of those that we now call Jews and get some of the professors in predominantly black colleges around the world to submit material that can be rewritten for younger minds.

Invite African speakers and use books written by Africans and African American scholars, as well as scholars of every race so that these children can see with their eyes what they can become.


Every spelling test should have Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and African languages.  We need to incorporate these other world languages into English because we’re going to be using spell check anyway and they will learn their native languages at home.

Fiction books and material from all cultures should be introduced and EVERY child should see pictures representative of every race in reading and video materials.


Kindergarten to 3rd grade can remain primarily as is so I will give you a break there, however starting in the 4th grade we need to begin gearing the kids to understand the terms of world finance.  Terms like interest, credit, banking, accounts, stock, Dow, NYSE, futures, bear/bull markets should be gradually introduced as they do in private white schools, up to the 12th grade.  They can go into the structure of these ideas in college, but should at least know how money makes money and how nations trade between each other — this can no longer be secret knowledge for the elite.

We need to talk about money and what exactly is a dollar or a euro dollar.  They should begin to learn every monetary unit in existance at the current time as opposed to just counting sheep.

More advanced students should be geared toward more scientific learning so that we can prepare them for science, engineering and astronomy.  When I was in the 12th grade, I thought it was absolutely LUDICROUS to make me sit through calculus and I still think that…….I am a writer and I have not used that crap a day in my life.

Governmental Relations

We need to develop a curriculum that helps kids understand that every nation in the world has been subjected to slavery and the general rigmarole of how countries evolve via  population growth or decline, coup, war, merging of populations, natural disaster, tyrants,etc.  Understanding historic trends can help them to navigate family relationships and cultural differences in their neighborhoods, whether or not they go into politics.

Cultural influences should also be taken into account as in why does China do what it does and how does the African Union operate, as well as who are the member states?  Give them more detailed training about the Diaspora and teach about findings that have been left out of the general books like recent government findings in health and how that affects our knowledge about people and their tendencies and histories.


We need to tell the truth about how we are closer to bananas than we are to ants and why it works that way.  How nature played a roll in our evolution because it was not just primate, but canine, reptilian, plant, etc.

We need to talk about things such as the role of vitamin D in the health of the pancreas so these future leaders can reschedule the future workday so that people enjoy more much needed time in the sun.

Agriculture / Engineering

This should be brought in earlier than A & M Colleges and students should have labs in which to grow things, raise animals, understand how nature works, etc.  There are charter schools that are already beginning to do this. If they do not want to go into medicine, it makes no sense to dissect a frog, but it makes better sense to learn how to keep a chicken healthy.


Yes we need to teach these kids the truth about how these things were derived starting in friggin pre-k.  Since parents are so particular about guiding their children in this area, we should not preach or promote any doctrine, but advise the children on the Council of Nicea and how Jesus was voted God and the merging of religions as the history of men changed into more of a one world order.

All children should be given an opportunity to make up their own damn minds about spirituality because we are just too old for this fairy tale shit and uneducated preachers who don’t have a clue and use emotionalism and fear to spread their doctrines.  Sorry…..sensitive topic for me.

When these classes are over, they should know:

  1. where the bible came from
  2. where Jesus came from
  3. how Jesus’ family got English names.
  4. why men changed the bible
  5. the history of God in Dagon and Canaanite practices.
  6. the bible stories from Samaria to now and how they relate, i.e. the flood story
  7. general histories of the major 5

This needs to happen before the church Sunday School can brainwash them.  Parents should NOT have the right to stuff Roman one world order slanted teachings into precious minds, I don’t care what you think about your devil – oh, btw that word devil ain’t even in the BIBLE!!!!!!!

Morals and Relationships

It is time to stop throwing our teens to the wolves and young tweens who have absolutely noidea about how to relate to each other culturally.  We need to discuss female and male tendencies and roles that hormones play in these things.

Young women and men need to understand things they may be missing when parents are absent so that they can make informed choices in love and some of these classes need to be taught by licensed psychologists.

Children also need to understand how some foods will affect their behaviour and about the importance of the chemicals of the brain and how to keep them balanced, as well as how sugar can make for a crazy acting kid.


Speaking of sugar, take the crap out of the lunchroom, heck take it out of the grocers — it should NOT be an option.  If hormone free milk cannot be served, remove the damn milk — enough of the hormones and soy, which is an estrogen and causes girls to develop too early and boys to develop breasts and turn into females.

Dentists should offer fluoride free toothpaste options to children whose parents prefer it or at least a reduced fluoride option.  NO MAN or group of men have the right to try to control any human population or their minds no matter what demon he serves in his ritual chambers!!!  If your women aren’t having babies, um maybe they don’t like you.

We need to teach every teen, as a required topic, about health and childcare — these should no longer be electives because they are just too important.  Every potential parent needs to understand the stages of child development and see real photos of the horrors of child abuse and understand ways to cope and prevent it.

They also need to understand the spirituality of sex and have some classes on chakra energy, meditation, etc.

We need to prepare our children for a new and diverse world where most of the people who live in it are melanated or brown and their lives matter and are just as important as any other.