Last night I had a clear dream where I was shown a date (January 11, 1960) and was told that something evil was born on this date.  I understood the evil, actually felt an affinity for it (I could feel its charisma), and added up the numbers of the date to equal 1.  When I arose from sleep, I wondered what the significance of the date was, why it was shown to me so clearly and I soon realized that I may never have writer’s block again as long as I have the ancestors…

Who in the Hell is Henry Lee Lucas and Why are You Telling Me about Him???

Henry Lee was a caucasian mass murderer who was reportedly abused as a child.  He confessed to hundreds of murders, was convicted for 11, but only three were confirmed resulting in his receiving a death sentence for one of them.  The death sentence was commuted by then Texas Governor George W Bush.

Henry was bullied as a child because his brother stabbed him, which resulted in him having to sport a glass eye to school.  His mother reportedly made him cross dress as a boy and forced him to watch her perform prostitutional transactions.

His father’s legs were severed in a railroad accident and his dad later died after collapsing drunk in a blizzard. Damn.

Henry Begins His Infamous Killing Spree — Let the Murders Begin

Henry dropped out of school in the sixth grade and at the age of 17, is said to have strangled his first victim for refusing his sexual advances, however he was not immediately arrested for this crime.

He later was convicted of over a dozen counts of burglary, but this smart dude escaped from prison three years later.

He was recaptured and then released after serving two more years.

Some time later Henry visited his mom and was convicted of her second degree murder when she reportedly argued with him about caring for her in her old age and he hit her in self defense, at the age of 24 on January 11, 1960, for asking him that dumb ass question, but something else must have happened to him that day.  He actually did not know he had a knife in his hand while he was hitting her…….with it.  Damn — something evil that way came.

His claim of self defense was rejected and he served 10 years before being released in 1970 from a Michigan jail due to overcrowding…..apparently there were other criminals that needed his cell more than he did, most likely for illegally selling cigarettes.

Later while serving a five year sentence for the attempted kidnap of three girls, Henry established a relationship with a….hmmm…..what shall I call her…..I’ll be nice…female friend who corresponded with him via letters while he was in prison — by the way, she had little girls??????  I know people, just bear with me……  The background story is the lady married him as soon as he got out of prison, but he left two years later after being accused of trying to molest her little girls.  Can you believe that?  Some women need help.  Think about your children women before you let that man in your house!!!!!!

He then moved to Florida, took kindly to a friend’s mentally impaired niece of school age, and enjoyed some stability.  I guess he realized he liked little girls.  Somehow, her mother and grandmother died a few years later and the girl was put in a home, but Henry convinced her to get out and travel with him……what a couple.

He and the girl traveled to Cali and were fired from a job for writing checks on the employer’s account and not doing their job, which was to care for an 82 year old woman, who was later found dead….now that is what I call not doing your job.  They had to hitchhike for transportation and was picked up by a preacher who had a commune, which they agreed to go to and work in. Praise the lord.

The little girl he was with did not like California and missed home so she decided to ditch Henry Lee at a truck stop and go back to Florida…..remember, he taught her how to hitchhike. Henry did not like that so he did what……..can you guess people……correct answer — he killed her, and by the way did I tell you he was later convicted of killing the old lady also. Oh, you knew that already.

Though Henry was a suspect of the old lady’s murder, he was not immediately arrested, however it would not take long before he was locked up for something else, illegal possession of a firearm.  Interesting fact:  The Texas ranger who arrested him later became a technical consultant for the hit show Texas Walker Ranger, but I digress.  I do wonder what Henry Lee had to be doing to be a white man noticed with a fire arm in Texas.  Oh well.

While in custody he complained of being treated unfairly by the police and subsequently was given more preferential treatment while he confessed to some more murders.  He knew the security codes of the police station and was taken to restaurants on occasion and allowed to wander freely while imprisoned.  The other prisoners watched him in awe.  Wow.

Police from other districts where he supposedly committed these crimes worked hard to discredit many of his hundreds of murder confessions, establishing what was called The Lucas Task Force in order to do just that — this guy could have run for president and won — the task force did clear 213 murder cases due to Henry’s confessions — 213 and nobody noticed or reported him for them, he had to confess…..cuz he was sooo smart…..okay.  Some Lucas supporters accused the police of letting him read case files in advance so he knew the details of each case and could (retain that info and) properly confess, just so they could clear their books?????????????

Okay, I’m done.  You get my point.  To make a long story short, these guys had to arrest the man for the 11 convictions that they and the media could not get him out of.  Former President George W Bush, who was Texas governor at the time, commuted Henry’s death sentence to life in prison because Henry knew about the allegations against the task force and told George that they DID let him read those damn case files. George believed him.

Henry confessed to over 600 murders (some of which he recanted), is said to have been involved in over 3,000 murders, was convicted of 12 and found guilty for only  three.  Luckily, the Goddess overturned George Bush’s decision and three years later Henry died of a heart attack in his cell before they could let him out again.  (I say a silent prayer to the Goddess)!

Can you say double standard?