Family is God is Family is Earth: In Search of God in Religious Traditions

This is going to be a long one so get your popcorn!  The beautiful thing about inspired writing is that it flows, however the bad thing about it is that it flows at 3 am….LOL. In essence, whoever you worship, as creator or otherwise, he/she is the foreparent that has given life to some group and, in essence, is family.


I’ll be the first to admit that I am imperfect.  Many of you know my story because I have been quite vocal about it in my books and blogs so anyone that experienced hurt as I have will have a skewed view of society and a tendency to hurt others.  I’m working on that.  Now that you know I’m not perfect, please know that my basic motivation is love and I still find pleasure in sharing that love with you so here are a few nuggets that I’ve learned and hope will help you with regard to your quest to find #God.


Mine started out a long time ago in the pentecostal church, which taught me a lot about goodness, wholeness and morals, but shunned the ancestors and truth about energy workings.  The topic of energy remained shrouded in mystery, along with another grave error called ‘damnation to hell’, even though we as energy beings are mostly eternal.  As a result of these incomplete teachings, I began to search for other knowledge and what I found is there is a reason why the occult is called the occult.  Many people can’t handle the knowledge and they swear that the spirits they hear are valid, correct and not in their own minds.  Unfortunately, all spirits are not good ones and some ancestors will steer you down the wrong path, which is why learning, understanding, common sense and goodness are needed.

There is a place and reason for all religious studies and I am almost certain I’ve talked about my studies in earlier posts of this blog, but to sum it all up, I have encountered all of the following to some extent:




Native/African indigenous natural sciences

astrology (both western and vedic)



#Vodun (just to understand what it is)


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What Each System Brings to the Table in My Opinion


Christianity teaches basic morals and some universal truths that are important, based on the traditional Hebrew system, however two completely different books from totally different time periods are meshed together to form one holy book.  You have to weed through so many untruths that it is hard to pull the real truths out, without becoming confused and incorrect.  Christianity was instituted as a religious prison system of sorts, to restore order and to correct grave errors committed by knowledgeable mystics over fearful people, however the time has come once again for humans to be entrusted with the power of truth for each individual.  Earth workings are powerful and real, which is why the incorrect manipulation of it can result in a 2,000 year dispensational shift and prison sentence — remember the old days of Salem?

When I rejected Christianity and embraced all of these other traditions, I realized everyone was embracing the gods of their choice and giving those gods more energy whether solely or collectively, the same as Christians give their Gods.  I learned that it is a mistake to reject ALL of any one tradition, meaning each one has something delectable to offer to the whole meal of what we call Faith.

My definition of religion is simply this:  organized study of, performance of ritual for and collective belief in what is not seen with the naked, physical eye, in order to manipulate the unseen and to define the final condition of humanity.  One must enter Christianity with an open mind, independent spirit, and third eye so that they can trash the teachings that were inserted to propagate racial superiority, one world order and fear.  Quite honestly, most Christians today would have hated the real Jesus, however Christianity can teach you the basic concepts of faith, energy, laws of consciousness and energy manipulation through what they call prayer.  Once again I warn anyone who enters this system, to be careful of being handcuffed by the spirit of fear that fuels these teachings.

Vodun or Voodoo

In my opinion, Vodun, which is interpreted to mean Spirits is very similar to pentecostal Christianity as I mentioned in my post entitled The Loa and the Holy Ghost.  It differs in how it administers ritual, as well as in how it addresses the final destination of soul and quite honestly, I am not totally sure how it does this other than some form of ancestor veneration or promotion of the deceased to god/goddess status.  There are several voodoo systems and children of voodoo throughout the world as a result of the African diaspora, however the parent religion was originated in what is now known as Benin, Africa.  This is definitely the short summary of the religion, and there are a number of traditions, to include one of my favorites, which is Haitian.

Haitian voodoo arose when abused slaves of the French gathered and made sacrifice to the gods or loa of Africa in order to be empowered to release themselves from slavery.  Some say they released the power of fiery spirits, a variation of loa that are volatile, however you can learn more about the Haitian variation, by reading Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti’s Indigenous Spiritual Tradition.


I lump these categories together as systems of divination into the mysteries of the Akasha vs religious institutions.  Cards, sky or number meanings and patterns can provide insight into a person’s life, whether past present or future.  After studying these systems, you can be led into shamanism, which is basically learning how to read and manipulate the universe or the earth and use its information to heal and provide remedy as well as information.  Of course, this is the simple approach and the more you give, do or donate will determine how much power you possess, which I will discuss under Native/African Indigenous Studies.


It is my opinion that Wicca is a beautiful starting point as it teaches us to honor earth’s cycles, tendencies, energy and other energy systems.  It also has a strong creed of ‘harm none’ which is what Christianity was trying to reiterate, but missed, causing its own followers to be filled with all sorts of inconsistencies (some call these demons).

In this beautiful tradition, the focus is not on what is unimaginable and light years away in the sky, but what you can touch and what keeps you alive in your immediate environment.  Human energy can empower other entities or bring them to life in the form of whatever names we choose to call these energies.  Earth is our mother and without her we die, everything else is vanity.

You can chose to join other worshippers in what is called covens or practice alone as a solitary practitioner.  I will admit that most of my library consists of books having to do with Wicca, simply because more advanced systems are usually secret and not written down.  I will include a link to some that may be helpful to you as well as ones in my own collection:  The Wiccan Bookstore

Native/African Indigenous Sciences

These are basically one in the same since what we know of as Native Americans are mostly just historical Asian migrants or African/Moorish sea travelers (yes they did have the technology to cross continents before colonization).  This is one of my favorite systems thus far because Earth becomes alive and everything speaks!  Colors, inanimate objects, elements, people, dolls, EVERYTHING has life and because that law is recognized in indigenous studies, these things arise and speak because they remain dead only to those who are asleep, another grave error in Christian teachings.  There are many systems that teach how to read everything from trees, to birds, to sand, to clouds, to rocks, to….yes….anything and I am very grateful to my teachers for passing this knowledge down to me.

I do find that some of the leaders of these traditions require intense and perpetual sacrifices whether of animal or monetary nature and there is almost no checks and balances to the services they provide, which in my opinion is unfair and their remedies are whatever they decide it should be, which strips the power from the people.  This is why so many Africans have embraced Christianity and turned away from their beautiful ancestral heritage and its sometimes ruthless leaders.


Reincarnation is not a religious system or type of divination, but is a belief that is incorporated in many religions, to include Christianity (check out The Book of the Revelation).  It is a state of transmuting from one form to another after death, which includes thought that an energy force can leave a human body and after a time enter into a different human body to begin a new life with some of the memories of the old.  Small children are said to remember the most about past lives, consequently reincarnation studies are seldom done on older people due to the external influences that can skew the purity of the past life memories.


I know this one is weird, but #fear is fuel for many systems or religions and can be used to manipulate one’s own life, as well as can be projected onto others.  It is like ‘reverse faith’ and the belief in what can’t be done or in negativity that can be done to you.  It empowers others to take control over your life by giving said person power within their systems to control you based on the power that your fear offers them.  Fear is passed down from generation to generation in the bloodline and it can also be taught so that one’s speech will influence their world until they see what they say.

The Universal Council of Elders

Many energy workers, specifically those in intense practices where they project evil onto others, do not live long.  The Universe has set a system in place to control these actions, specifically because most people do not have the tools to do so themselves.  Otherwise, the world would be destroyed and certain people would become invincible, but think about it.  If one shaman could rule the world and live forever, why don’t they?  It is because they cannot.  That is why it is good for each spiritual head or leader to operate in a system of self-correction or to have a trustworthy advisory board because once the elders or the council steps in, there’s no remedy in this life other than the one that the Council prescribes.

It takes a lot of self control to be a person that can correct themselves, believe me, I know.  My taste in men is usually of the ‘married already’ sort and the only thing I know to do is isolate myself, which seems to work for me and I’ve gotten use to it.  I think that old souls such as myself can do a lot of good, which is why I ask the Elders to be patient with me, but they check me frequently.

We are given a lot of freedoms to choose which energy systems we desire to operate in, however because they all have merit, we are encouraged not to judge or confine.  White men have been accused of being too forceful and overly ambitious.  Black men have been accused of being lazy and wanting to take what they have not earned.  Natives have been accused of being too docile and not manipulating all of the resources to its optimal capacity, optimal being relative to what needs to be used and not raping, wasting or destroying our lands. The systems of each race is powerful and each group can learn from the other so judgement is futile and leadership will always rotate.

Peace, true love and blessings.


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